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More – A Platform For Monetizing Online Videos

  • July 29, 2009

Quick.tvA clickable video platform that has recently entered public beta, is there to “make video interactive” as much as possible, and monetize every file of that kind that could be placed on the web.

As I recall discussing recently, that is a complicated issue because the placement of advertisements within a video in the vast majority of cases are detrimental to the video itself.

This company attempts to tackle this inherent difficulty by turning any video into a smarter and monetizable asset par excellence – one which displays live data and that can engage viewers more dynamically as a result. Ads can be placed at strategic points, and the content can be syndicated as the user sees fit.

The provided platform also lets the user create custom channels in order to reach his prospective public more efficiently, whereas the response of viewers can be measured via the provided analytics services.

When all is said and done, it is more than interesting to see platforms like this one turn up if only because online video will certainly displace TV one day. And that day will almost dawn when a valid monetization strategy for such media becomes tangible.

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