More – Try Open Source Software At No Cost

  • July 20, 2009

Click2Try.comQuite a well-focused community site, Click2Try will allow you to put open source software to the task without having to incur into downloads of any kind, and without having to worry about setting anything up. Basically, through the site you can gain access to software applications that are pre-configured and already functional, and that are installed on a virtual machine that is also private, and accessible from your desktop.

The advantages of such an approach are obvious: you eliminate long downloads and time-demanding installation procedures, whereas you also dispense with upgrades and integration issues of every kind. In short, a system like this one ensures that you will do without each and every software headache one knows that has to be faced when putting a new application into motion.

There are both standard and premium subscription plans, and there are also different evaluation packages so that if you want to see whether such an approach is what you need in order to have a less-stressful time with your computer this might be where it’s at.

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