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More – Preventing Click Fraud

  • March 12, 2008

ClickForensics.comClick fraud is a rapidly growing internet crime. Thus we have ClickForensics, a company out to stop click fraud.

They offer subscription services based on their best of breed management tools. For advertisers ClickForensics offers customized campaign management and set up with Click Audit, a tool which analyzes campaigns producing actionable information. For Publishers and Ad Networks, ClickForensics provides an enterprise class solution using heurist detection technology to measure traffic quality. Traffic is rated based on its propensity to be fraudulent; thus publishers can make informed decisions as to blocking specific site visitors. Other features you’ll find include known offenders list report, custom block list report, billing and pricing reports which provide recs for invalid clicks and visitor scoring.

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More – Click Fraud Detection and Monitoring

  • December 22, 2007

Clickreport.comAre you a pay-per-click advertiser? Not sure how to prevent click fraud? Then check out this site. ClickReport.

com provides cost-effective solutions to click fraud and enables pay-per-click advertisers a fair chance in the search engine ranking game. It also allows you to stay on top of your PPC provider billing, use reporting features to your advantage, maximize your return on investment, take charge with custom email alerts, monitor your pay-per-click ads from all sponsored search, monitor your landing pages, and reduce click fraud with pop-in warnings.

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More – Stop clicking fraud and save money on your ads.

  • March 20, 2007

Clickfacts.comIn case you are looking for a nursing school, offering continuing education programs in nursing, including licensed practical nursing programs among others, might be an interesting site for you to keep in mind. Kennedy Global, is an online school of practical nursing and NCLEX reviews.

On this site you will find information about this nursing school, as well as a section where you can fill and download inquiry forms and pre-screening forms online. In addition, on you will also find information about nursing courses offered, ranging from licensed practical nursing programs, to NCLEX-PN reviews and NCLEX-RN reviews among others.

Would you like to find an online nursing school offering licensed practical nursing programs and other programs in nursing for registered nurses? Are you looking for an online nursing academy offering different nursing courses? If that is your case, might be the right site for you to stop by.

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