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  • July 6, 2010

CleverStat.comA site that is available in four languages, CleverStat must surely rank as one of the most comprehensive resources that you can find on the Web today for learning all about the ranking of your website. Not only that, CleverStat offers an excellent set of SEO tools and services that are certain to give your site a much bigger degree of visibility.

The seven tools that are available on the site go by the following names: “Accurate Monitor For Search Engines”, “AdWords Clever Wizard”, “SEO Altimeter”, “Site Content Analyzer 3”, “Free Monitor for Google”, “BackLinks Master” and “PaRaMeter”.

The “Accurate Monitor For Search Engines” is a tool meant for webmasters and those who specialize in search engines. It will let them analyze why their sites are positioned where they are, and how to drive more traffic to them. For its part, the “Free Monitor for Google” is a SEO software that can help the user get more traffic from Google by looking at the top keywords and trends.

The tool named “Site Content Analyzer 3” makes for discovering which words and phrases are the relevant ones for your site, and the one named PaRaMeter (short for “Page Rank Meter”) is very useful for checking the Page Rank of several sites at once.

Finally, the tool that is named “SEO Altimeter” is one of the finest on offer since it will let you measure each and every SEO parameter you could care about like the popularity of links and the degree of saturation of the site. The SEO Altimeter can likewise let you know about your site’s Alexa Traffic Rank and Google PageRank in an immediate way.

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