More – Easily Handling Notes & Memos

  • September 27, 2010

Clever-Software.netRandom notes and memos have a big tendency to become just untrackable two or three days from the date they were scribbled. That probably has to do with their volatile nature – there is nothing that could be misplaced more easily than a random note.

But that doesn’t make the information that we have consigned there any less important.

Fortunately, applications like Clever Notes are here to bring some order into something that can prove to be so problematic. At its most basic level, it is an application that will let you manage all your notes and memos by storing them in a central location. You can store as many notes as you want, and in order to keep everything from becoming jumbled you can create boards where notes that are connected thematically are grouped. For example, you can have a board named “Office”, another named “House”… you can also create boards with titles such as “To Do” or “To Buy”.

And all the boards that are thus created can be shared with whomever you want. If you have created a board labelled “Office”, you can share it with your coworkers. And if you have created one name “Home”, then you can proceed to have it shared with the rest of the household and let everybody know what is expected of him, in an unequivocal way.

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