More – Have An Intelligent Address Book

  • August 25, 2010

Soxios.comLooking for new ways in which to make sense of all the contacts that are piled on your address book? Well, Soxios might be what you need. We can essentially define it as an intelligent address book whose contact information will always be updated, without you having to actually lift a finger.

How is that possible? Easy. When you become a Soxios user, you are actually joining a network that also includes all your contacts. Whenever any of them modifies his contact information, Soxios will take notice and update the data that you had in your address book. And the same applies to you, of course – if you change your phone number, your email address or your website information then these changes will be reflected in the address books of all your contacts.

You can use Soxios at no cost to begin with, but premium services are also available. If you go for them, you will be able to manage a larger number of contacts and add more custom attributes to each single one of them.

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More – Share Your Images & Works Easily

  • August 19, 2009

Flash-Gallery.orgThere are many websites on the internet where you can find different services related to the creation of a wide assortment of works in an easy way. Some people prefer to create slideshare presentations on order to make it easy for others to understand the details of their works.

But what happens when you have a website and you need to explain its main features? Flash Gallery could be the place where you can find the answer to this question.

This is an online resource that gives people the possibility to make use of a free application that allows them to create a slideshow on their websites. This is a simple tool you can use in order to accomplish this goal easily and fast and present your site clearly and smartly.

In case you are thinking that you need to be knowledgeable to make use of this service you are wrong. In essence, you can install and use this service without having any technological skill at all. This will be a highly interesting solution for many users that want to provide their sites with a professional service that makes them look better. You will find more information about it at

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More – Gauging Twitter Cleverness

  • June 22, 2009

TweetyPants.comIn the same way that the ones we surround ourselves with in real life say a lot about who we are, the ones we follow on Twitter might give others something of an appreciation of where we stand. Of course, there is a difference between a real life acquaintance and someone we might not even ever know in person, but the analogy holds some water.

As a result, it would make sense if people made a point of following “just the right crowd”, and that is where this new Twitter application comes in. In principle, it will empower you to furnish a Twitter username and then see how the person ranks when it comes to three different parameters: “Style”, “Shizzle” and “Smarts”.

Of course, it is all for fun… or is it? A couple of years ago, nobody would have considered 140 characters to be truly representative of reality, but the way things are shaping themselves now some people might just take these applications at face value. I don’t know where you stand when it comes to this, and if you don’t know either and wish to join a side visiting this site could be your first step.

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