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  • December 10, 2008

ClerkDogs.comA new endeavor that has just seen the light of the day, Clerk Dogs is a movie recommendation system that takes criteria ranging far and wide into account when matching your query with the approximately 5,000 movies constituting its database.

In essence, whenever you submit a title you can use a series of sliders to set down the level of concordance that will suit you best.

These sliders include cinematography, character depth, black humor and violence to name just four. The actual premise is to come up with an intuitive system resembling conversing with a clerk in a top-notch video store as much as possible. There is even a “Clerks’ Pick” that is suggested when carrying out a comparsion.

I tried looking up “Elizabethtown”, and some of the recommendations included “Tootsie” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. The Clerks’ Pick that time was the old gem “Bill Rose’s Jumbo”.

On the other hand, it failed to find suitable recommendations for “The End of Evangelion”, but (as it is pointed out online) this is just a matter of time. I am certain that this project will shape up in a very interesting fashion as users start adding their input. For the time being, you can locate your web browser at and start comparing right away.

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