More – Online Space For Teachers

  • February 16, 2012

Like everybody else, you must certainly remember a teacher who marked you for good, because of the passion which he or she had while teaching, or some original way of making you learn difficult things. What if in those days, other teachers could have known about this particular techniques of your own teacher?

Something like this is what aims to do. The guys responsible for this idea record videos of astounding teachers throughout the US, and upload them on their site so that other people who work in education can get inspired watching masters in that art.

The videos can be seen not only at the Teachingchannel website, but also in Youtube. However, if you love to be a teacher and feel you’d be interested in this site, you will be interested in registering. Signing up will allow you to enjoy a personal workspace in which you can schedule your classes, write down ideas you want to use in them, get reminders, and store any kind of notes.

Also you can get to follow the teachers you admire and keep track with their activities. You can search for teacher using a menu in the section of the site dedicated to them. That menu allows you to browse through subject, grade in which they teach, or if they have other roles in the education world.

Not many websited are dedicated specially to teachers, so if you are one, take advantage of this original service and give it a try. The registration is free, and you can even sign in using your facebook, twitter, or linked in account.

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More – Text Your Students

  • December 2, 2011

Classpager.comTeachers who complain that it isn’t easy to incorporate the latest technology on their classrooms have clearly not tried Classpager. If you’re a teacher and you’ve complained about such a thing, you’ll find this new service allows you to interact with your students via SMS, broadcast updates to them both during and after classes, and ask them questions in real time. They’ll also be able to ask you for help with any assignment they’re having trouble with, and get your timely assistance.

One of the big stumbling blocks of services such as this one is that parents are naturally reluctant to have teachers contact their children after school. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem when using ClassPager since everything’s crystal-clear. Parents can see all the messages that are being swapped, and check that everything’s kept within professional protocols.

And a really nice feature is that ClassPager lets you send group messages, and reach out to your whole class at once. It’s time-saving features like these what make the whole service so good, and a worthy entrant into a scene that’s slowly growing in depth. (See ClassParrot for a similar app – we originally featured it on Killerstartups here.)

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More – Bring Your Classroom Online

  • November 20, 2011

TalkChalk.comThere’s a real need for social networking services that are aimed at teachers, students and their parents. Some have already surfaced (see and Diipo, for example), and they’re really good in themselves. But we need more. And thankfully, that’s what we’re getting. TalkChalk is the latest social service that brings students and their parents in online contact with educators.

To all intents and purposes, what TalkChalk does is to extend a classroom well beyond the four walls where the learning experience takes place. On this site, students can work and collaborate among themselves as if they were at school. The teacher keeps an eye on all that they’re doing, and he is there to answer their questions. He is also there to make sure all the students are behaving well. And something as worrisome as cyberbullying is kept from happening since students can report abusive behaviour to their teachers.

And parents are aware of all this. They can see what’s happening on such a virtual classroom at all times, and the children can speak to them in the same way that they can speak to their teachers.

So, everybody is kept on the same page. Children can turn to their teachers at all times. And by letting parents help teachers in their difficult jobs, a service like TalkChalk can but make our educational system work more quickly, and (in the end) more successfully.

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More – Engage Your Students

  • October 17, 2011

Socrative.comAn educational platform that aims to leverage the kind of technology which is actively available on classrooms nowadays, Socrative empowers teachers to engage their students with educational activities on laptops, smartphones and tablets. These include exercises, quizzes and games, and teachers are enabled to correct and grade everything instantly. And then, to provide their students with timely feedback. All of the Socrative apps can be set up in minutes, and they load in seconds.

When it comes to multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions, the responses of students are represented visually. And as far as pre-planned activities go, teachers can view reports online as a Google spreadsheet, or as an Excel file that’s been sent via e-mail.

Socrative, then, allows teachers to assess their students and improve learning over time. A service like this one was long overdue – although laptops and tablets have become available within classrooms settings, they haven’t really been put to the best possible uses yet. The right apps just weren’t there. But now that companies like Socrative are delivering them, we might as well be on the verge of witnessing some really groundbreaking educational developments.

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More – Collaborative Platform For Teachers

  • June 28, 2011

Muuua.comTeachers have got it made. That is what one has to think after checking the myriad of sites that simplify their work to no end, of which Muuua is a prime example. This startup enables classroom professionals to build partnerships with colleagues and collaborate with unprecedented speed and ease. The site itself defines what it does as a sort of dating system where people are matched by ideas, and that is a nice analogy.

On Muuua, any teacher can specify where (and what) he teaches and be matched with educators who share these very same things at compatible places, so that they can begin pursuing a professional collaboration. A web-based monthly planner is provided for users of the site to input information more clearly.

As a service, Muuua has the distinction of being both supremely easy to use (to the point that even teachers who are averse to computers will take a liking to it) and free from spam and interferences of any kind. The whole platform is really smooth and focused, and it never loses sight of what it has been created for: letting educators meet and communicate online.

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More – Create A Virtual Classroom

  • June 9, 2011

SocialMaestro.comA platform that is meant to be used by teachers who want to take the educational experience above and beyond, what SocialMaestro lets them do is to create a virtual classroom that acts as a continuation of the physical ones they work at. This virtual classroom will let them connect with students in a way not far removed from how people connect on social sites, with the one big (and obvious) difference being that all the interactions taking place there are going to be education-oriented ones. They will be able to share materials with their students, to update assignments and to answer any question that they might have right away.

This is all really useful. And it gets even better, as SocialMaestro doubles as an online gradebook. Teachers will be able to view class grades, and also to have reports generated at a mere click. Plus, they will be allowed to communicate with parents and discuss anything appertaining the education of their children both smoothly and clearly.

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More – Build Online Classrooms

  • February 7, 2011

CollaborizeClassroom.comIf the Internet is so truly wondrous, how come it is not used to radically renew the way in which knowledge is imparted? How come teachers are not using it to connect more directly with their students? That is the way in which some people tend to think. And they would be right in complaining if applications like this one did not exist.

Collaborize Classroom enables teachers to come up with something akin to an online community in which they can directly engage their students. Educators will be enabled to create forums in which their students can proceed to discuss just any class-oriented topic, and they can also set down questions for their students to take a positive or negative stance, and start debating away.

In each and every case, the teacher can attach text documents and multimedia content in order to make the conversations flow along more smoothly.

And Collaborize Classroom has the great merit of being a free platform. If you want to see what it can do, you will be able to do it right now. Just create an account of your very own, and you will be good to go.

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More – Have A More Involved Classroom

  • November 26, 2010

TopHatMonocle.comTeachers who are looking for ways in which they could have a more involved classroom should really give this website a look. Top Hat Monocle provides them with a solution that lets students participate in the class they are dictating, using just any mobile device that they have at hand. And the way things stand today, they are bound to have one.

This solution goes by the name of MonocleCAT, and it can be integrated into any lecture in the following way. First, the teacher must sign up for an account. That costs nothing, and it is dealt with in just two or three minutes. Then, a course must be created. He will actually be helped by the MonocleCAT team in the creation of its content. And the teacher can even ask other professors who are using MonocleHAT for their assistance, so that he is having it both ways. He will receive all the technical help he could ever need by the company, and he will also get the insight of other users of the system – people who are like him.

Once the course has been created, students can then register on the bookstores of the campus for it. And student accounts can be used across multiple courses, too.

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More – A New Way To Manage Group Projects

  • October 31, 2010

EnterTheGroup.comA service that has just been launched, Enter The Groups provides exactly what its name implies: a platform for the comprehensive management of group projects. As a platform, it is particularly suited to virtual classrooms. Yet, groups of any nature would benefit from it. Any number of individuals that have to coordinate their activities and collaborate to achieve a common goal will do.

Using this website, a virtual space where users can meet and communicate to the full can be built. They can discuss what needs to be done, and once they have individualized all the tasks that lie ahead they can proceed to have them tackled one by one. Using Enter The Group it is very easy to know who is working on what, and avoid any kind of overlapping.

And Enter The Group is a free application. A group can be created at no cost, and it can likewise be managed free of charge. People can come, people can go? at no point will you (as the one who has created it) have to pay anything.

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More – The Evolution Of Gradebooks

  • August 11, 2010

LearnBoost.comLearnBoost is a company whose name you might hear a lot in the not-so-distant future. Basically, the company is working on a line of educational products that have the objective of letting teachers do their tasks they have always done more effectively, and spending less time at that.

The company has just released its first product, and it is one that certainly reflects the above philosophy. It is an online gradebook that will enable teachers to manage their whole classroom using a single account. This approach puts an effective end to having separate accounts for everything – it all becomes centralized.

The teacher can create lesson plans, take attendances and maintain schedules using a single interface that has the added plus of being incredibly intuitive. What’s more, Common Core State Standards are fully taken into consideration.

An account can be created for free. All you are required to do is look up your school and provide your personal particulars for the registration to be carried out. You will be able to begin using your own gradebook, without limitations of any kind.

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More – A Platform For Extended Learning

  • July 19, 2010

Mobl21.comIn case you are looking for a teaching platform, could be the right site for you to visit. The services provided by this website give you the chance to find online courses and training courses, as well as online lessons and education courses.

Do you want to find math games? Are you looking for an online higher education course? Then, is a good option to keep in mind. On this website you will find many teaching plans and learning courses for students and educators. If you want to create a different teaching environment using a mobile phone, feel free to stop by Mobl 21.

Remember this site next time you want to find higher education online courses, including training courses and college courses, as well as math games and online lessons. Take a look at to find teaching online courses you can use to create a different environment, with your mobile phone.

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More – Books & Resources

  • March 25, 2009

RisingSunBooks.orgReaders enjoy reading about a wide variety of topics. There are people that prefer action stories; other readers prefer philosophy, religion, etc.

This is a website belonging to a Christian bookstore and resourceful site for teachers and parents. If you are interested on any topic, this is the best place for you to find what you are looking for. The site is very clear and straightforward when it comes to providing different books.

If you want to read the latest teaching strategies, as well as tips and techniques about a wide variety of topics, this is a good site for you. Other topics include parental involvement activities, and self help topics, etc

This company’s main goal is to encourage people to self-educate themselves. Books have been the main source of knowledge through the history, and this is a great place where you can find books, as well as articles, etc.

There is a section where you can find different articles about family and relationships, as well as you will be able to participate in the site’s blog. This company focuses on real life issues affecting families, relationships and our sense of well being.

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More – Social Media Learning Tools

  • October 16, 2008

SocialMediaClassroom.comThe just-launched Social Media Classroom and Collaboratory is a web endeavor that caters for teachers and learners alike. In essence, the SMC features a free and open source web service that provides its users with an integrated set of social media tools.

These can be used by every specific course for its own purposes. For instance, some of the featured tools make for implementing blogs, forums and social bookmarking.

In any case, it is clear that this endeavor is made up of two different and complementary parts. The first is the Classroom, which is where curricular materials like lesson plans and syllabi can be procured. The other is the Collaboratory, and it could be defined as the web service part of this initiative.

The website also provides comprehensive information on the team behind this project, and the spirit that inspired it. As it is pointed out online, the idea is to nurture a public resource of knowledge that will serve those who are interested in the use of social media in learning processes. The eventual aim is to grow a community of participants that will watch over its evolution and governance.

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More – Education and Social Network

  • October 10, 2008 is K-12 school on the internet.

The site is a classroom management tool for teachers, a ‘notebook’ for students, a progress report for parents, and a fun social networking site for all three. Teachers are able to post assignments and grades and interact and share ideas with other teachers. Students will be able to view their grades and assignments, hand in assignments online, play online games, and interact with other students. The site allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress. All of the teachers that are on the site are verified. The teachers are given the responsibility to register all students and parents, to ensure that people who should not be there get through the cracks. The Junior U team takes feedback very seriously and users are encouraged to say exactly what they want on the website. This site is one of the first that combine both social networking and K-12 Classroom management tools.

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More – Free Classroom Websites

  • October 2, 2008 offers teachers and school districts free classroom websites.

The site has numerous tools to help them build their classroom website such as an interactive calendar, password protection for classroom websites, a photo gallery, 22 design templates, a homework tool that lets students digitally submit assignments, and gives you an online gradebook, WebQuest creation, discussion boards, student journals, student web pages and much more. In addition to the teacher website solutions that the site offers, it also provides school districts a simple, yet comprehensive solution for building an online environment for students, parents, administrators, and the community. EZClassSites’ goal is to bring a website to every classroom. As a potential customer you can always expect to see new and exciting tools available to you to help you with your ever changing classroom needs. This site was built by teachers, for teachers, and truly has a vested interested in helping children learn.

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More – Educational Search Engine

  • July 22, 2008 is the main website of Topmarks, an educational search engine which represents a useful online tool for students and teachers, since it quickly finds the best homework help, revision websites, and educational sites for use in the classroom. The site aims to help others to use the internet effectively for leaning; that’s why it’s free.

Topmarks is oriented specifically at pupils, teachers, and parents and all featured sites on it are carefully reviewed by teachers. However, the site has more resources that just a search engine; at the homepage you will find some links to educational articles, parent’s articles, educational games, religious education, and much more. There is also a section called the Interactive Whiteboard which features websites that lend themselves to whole class teaching. To make use of the engine you can either select a category from the list on the left hand side of your screen, which includes most varied subjects such as music, mathematics, and languages, or browse by subject and age group to find the most suitable educational websites.

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More – Making It Easier

  • July 15, 2008

TimeSaversForTeachers.comBeing a teacher or an educator must not be an easy task; you are instructing children and showing them the best way to face life in the future. In order to make your life simpler, there is TimeSaversForTeachers.

com. As its name indicates, is committed to providing you, the teacher, with a large collection of often-used, interactive, and printable classroom forms. On the home page you will find some complete collections for you to check out, choose, and download. On the left side of the main page you will find more links showing you the available categories. You will also see a list of 10 timesaving books. There is a Freebies section for you to get some cool free stuff. At you will definitely find all you need to take to classroom and be a cool teacher. You don’t need to loose your precious time; now there is a site that can do it for you. Check out for more info.

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More – Online Resources For Teachers

  • July 11, 2008

TeachersDesk.orgThe Teachers’ Desk is an online resource which is geared towards teachers of grades five and six. Broadly speaking, the site collects together lesson plan ideas and classroom activities.

The site is split into several categories in order to make for suppler navigation. These include “Reading”, “Spelling”, “Writing” and “English”. By way of example, the “Spelling” section collects resources such as spelling review games and activities which are utilized in classrooms all over the United States, and whose efficiency has been proved by research. Songs which are employed in classrooms are included online as well, and both the lyrics and the melodies they are sung to are featured. In addition to that, there is a section titled “Miscellaneous” which groups together assorted plans that cater for institutions such as Holiday Learning centers. The webmaster can be contacted at [email protected] if you happen to have any question after browsing through the contents of the website.

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More – Activities And Poetry Teaching

  • July 2, 2008

PoetryTeachers.comThis site provides a source of information for poetry teachers, or for all those interested in this subject. Here you will be able to learn how to teach poetry to your students and how to write different types of poems.

Also, you will find a wide variety of poems available for you to rate them as well. Apart from this, in this site you will be able to find Poetry Theater that you can download and activities for your students including poetry race, rhyme time riddles and much more. On the left hand side of this site you can find a list of categories that you can go through such as Poetry Fun, Poetry Classic, Poetry Theater, Fiction Teachers and many more. This will provide you with an easy way to find exactly what you are looking for. Links to online stores offering a wide variety of books and material related to what you can find in this site are also available.

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More – Lincoln’s Information

  • June 17, 2008

AbrahamLincolnsClassroom.orgWhat do you think about Abraham Lincoln? He was more than a president and yet more than an important name. AbrahamLincolnsClassroom.

org is a site created by the Lincoln Institute. What can you find in the website? There is educational information about Lincoln, his life and death, history, and much more. You will have a complete resource for information about this American history hero. In the home page you will find the Classroom Feature; there you will find a story you will be able to read. How much do you know about Abraham Lincoln and his history? If you want to test your knowledge about him, there is a weekly quiz in the home page for you to check out. This week’s one is the Abraham Lincoln and Virginia Quiz. Do you want to read Lincoln stories and anecdotes? Read the daily stories located at the right side of the home page. Check out for more information.

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