More – Getting Rid Of Spam

  • June 25, 2009

Bot-Killer.comSelf-defined as a realtime web-spam filtration solution, BotKiller has the aim of making anybody’s online tenure a more pleasant or (at the very least) more focused experience.

This service is presented by a company named Rarefied Technologies, and one of the most interesting uses that it has been put to so far include a Twitter spam filter.

This particular filter can be found at, and it works using probabilistic and statistical methods to recognize content that is not genuine – IE, content that has been generated using a computer. When such content has been found, it is blocked and/or tagged for good.

To me, the most notable aspect of all this is that the analysis takes into account the whole environment of the conversation, and the greater discourse that the individual is an actual part of is always weighed.

All in all, quite a remarkable service that will no doubt ensure sorting through spam manually will become a thing of the past for new and seasoned tweetheads alike.

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