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  • August 11, 2009

MusicKO.comEvery now and then I come across an online resource that truly catches my fancy, and that I know I will be coming back to for a long time. This is what has happened today with this newly-launched blog.

MusicKO must be one of the most passionate and well-researched informational resources about music that I have seen in a long time.

In principle, the blog includes album reviews by rock and roll bands, but some other genres like country do have a room of their own. These reviews are very well structured and a very distinctive balance is achieved between matter-of-fact information (release date, label, personnel, chart performance) and personal opinion (given mostly at the end of the reviews).

Now, I am an incredibly huge Who fan. I know their story from front to back. And I had never learned that Hendrix’s favorite Who song was “Happy Jack”. That information was included on MusicKO and I checked with some older friends whose knowledge of music is encyclopedic. They confirmed that “Happy Jack” was indeed Jimi’s favorite Who song. So the blogger has been doing his homework admirably well.

In addition to these generally excellent album reviews, the blog features coverage on music-related startups, in a clear bid to provide readers with a comprehensive take on the industry as it stands today. There is also an “Interviews” section which has just been added to the blog.

The one and only thing I would like to request the blogger is that his reviews feature even more opinion and personal appreciations. I am definitely looking forwards to the articles he says he is publishing studying individual composers and their approach to writing lyrics.

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More – Classic Rock Online

  • June 23, 2008 is the website of a classic rock radio, 92.

9 Kism. At the site you will find the radio’s entire schedule, featuring many sections with information, news, pictures, links, and more. At the homepage you will see the latest news about events, contests, bands, records, and the radio’s projects. If you want to access the whole list of news, you should enter the What’s Happening section, and the Features section. As the site focuses on classic rock, it has a specific section for that topic. Within the Classic Rock section you can access much information about artists, bestsellers, concerts, and even special features like stickers. invites users to participate in the polls by answering the questions and voting. The radio is from Bellingham, so it has a particular section of local news for the community it serves. Listen the radio online, make comments, and participate by asking your favorite songs via mail.

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More – 103.5 FM Colorado Classic Rock Radio

  • April 20, 2008

TheFox.comYou needn’t be in Colorado to tune in to this Classic Rock radio station, though that’s where it comes from. By visiting TheFox.

com, users will be able to listen to live stream radio, watch pictures of local shows, and even request a song or an artist to be played by the radio. The site presents lots of news on upcoming releases, obits, and other Classic Rock-related information. For some time now, we’ve been seeing that online versions of traditional radio stations are allowing users to upload any original music content they might have created or hold copyright for to be played on them, and is part of that trend. The site hosts lots of additional information on hosts and preferred artists, so that you can read or listen to archived interviews and profiles, and if you are more of a participative listener, you can vote in the many polls the site as to offer. You can also watch videos of your favorite bands and musicians, though note that the service is only available for US IP addresses.

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More – KISS – Official Fan Site

  • March 1, 2008

KissOnline.comNobody does ballads like classic rock groups, regardless of how tough they look; because they have shaped and themed our early love experiences, they deserve our undying respect and fandom. So here’s the place to do it: KissOnline.

com is the official home for the KISS Army, and a source of fresh and updated (generally several times a day) news, pics and comment on what the band and its members are up to, putting together text, images and videos from around the world. is also an encyclopedia of everything Kiss: from the history and discography of the band (including detailed and hard-to-come-by photos and information on the earliest gigs), and some selected videos and interviews. The site also carries a shop from where you can get lots of collectibles and KISS fun stuff, both for adults and younger KISS fans. An area of this site which I reckon can be of great interest not only to band lovers, but to rock historians and enthusiasts is the one devoted to fanzines, tribute bands and other related phenomena. Also, don’t miss the picture galleries showing the drumsticks and guitar picks from all the band’s tours, which depict one of the fan’s collections of this valuable stuff.

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More – Eil Vintage Records and Prints

  • February 20, 2008

Eil.comIf you are a fan of memorabilia and vintage stuff, you are probably familiar with, an eCommerce site fully devoted to rare music and music memorabilia, storing new, rare and collectable vinyl records, compact discs, and memorabilia with 250,000+ items in stock covering over six decades of music history.

The site targets mainly collectors and fans which other than buying, can make interesting contacts with the company to sell their stuff as well. The store is divided into ‘Collector Shops’, that is: different sections featuring top Rock and Pop bands and artists where you’ll be able to find absolutely unique material and artwork plus official merchandise and autographed items as well. Under the ‘Blue Chip’ tag users will find extremely expensive items which pose an investment opportunity for dedicated fans, like Freddie Mercury’s autographed guitar, one of the Sex Pistol’s contract fully signed by all the members of the band, or first editions of books by Andy Warhol. Because the nature, rarity and price of the items for sale is so wide ranging, we can expect this site to attract the attention of collectors from all around the world, who might be interested not only in music memorabilia, but in rare books and autographs as well.

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More – Rhino Records Label

  • January 23, 2008

Rhino Records Label is a classic rock and roots music label founded in the late 70’s, which originally edited little known artists (which are now very well known artists). Presently, this records label specializes in reissues, including collections and box sets of classic Albert King, Elmore James, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells and the “Blues Masters” series of compilations.

At this site, which works both for eCommerce purposes and corporate site, users will be able to find extensive information on the label’s editorial policy, a complete product catalogue of CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, merchandise and apparel plus mobile contents. Also take a look at the upcoming releases to find out what classics will soon see the light again, or listen to short clips from selected songs, or check out a cool feature called “What was that song?”, which briefly notes classic rock music that has appeared in TV series or commercials, and lets you know where you can buy it from. If you are a classic rock lover, you shouldn’t miss the Henry Diltz’s photography archive, featuring pics that range from the 60’s to the present day on the largest rock starts and artists in the pop culture scene.

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More – Classic Rock Lyrics Database

  • January 13, 2008

Myclassiclyrics.comIf you are feeling blue over the good ol’ days of the internet, consider taking a look at

Here you’ll find biographies and lyrics, and get the pleasure out of looking for them without a search box just as if it were 1997. The database includes a truly neat selection of extremely accurate biographies of everyone who’s somebody in the Classic Rock scene: the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Alice in Chains and the like, and links to the most authoritative sites who deal with these people and their work. However, the site’s owner seems to enjoy biography as a genre quite a bit, so the site gathers lives and part of the oeuvre of Alexander the Great, Prince William, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, alongside with many many others of origins as diverse and unexpected as these. Other than biography and a link library, at this site users will be able to find Star Wars Jokes (non-fans please refrain from clicking into those), a Science Center where to read stuff on astronomy and star science, plus a section on martial arts (the Bruce Lee animations are really funny). Don’t miss the general jokes section, with what might probably be the most profuse anthology of fart sounds on the internet, which should be (but presently are not) downloadable as mobile content. Will they consider it?

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