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  • March 24, 2010

CityAndOut.comCity And Out can be defined in a concise way: it is a travel and destination platform that has been devised for travelers and travel professionals alike.

The aim of the site is to provide those who are traveling anywhere with inspiration and planning tools for the upcoming trip.

Through the site, people can book their trips and local activities beforehand, and get in touch with friends and fellow travelers. The site already has partners like , Livebookings, @Leisure… and it if you couple the services that these companies render with the way this platform taps into the knowledge of travel experts offering their insight on destinations for free, then you will agree that quite a comprehensive experience is provided.

So, City And Out stands as a resource where you can book your trips and your local activities, and share it all with your friends. Half the fun of traveling is doing it with others, actually – it is a social activity par excellence. Anything that makes it easier is a good resource.

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