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More – Sell Photos From Your Mobile

  • September 9, 2011

Scoopshot.comA new mobile application (currently available for iPhone and Android), Scoopshot is for those who have so high a concept of their photographic skills that they think others would be willing to pay good money for their pictures. Users of this free app are enabled to sell all the photos that they take to leading publications the world over, and do so straight from their smartphones. This is done by submitting them to the Scoopshot Store the minute they have been snapped, along with a short explaining why each picture would make great front page news. What’s every bit as important, when submitting images to the Scoopshot marketplace the user is also allowed to set down a price for what he’s sending in.

And monthly photo contests are held on the site, so as to give those who always need a good push in order to start doing things a great excuse to grab their mobiles and walk down their local streets, looking for some unique sights to capture. Contestants are allowed to submit as many photos as they want – they won’t be coerced into the position of having to pick one and only one image out of hundreds. Newcomers will undoubtedly appreciate that.

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More – You Report the News

  • September 30, 2008

YouScoopIt.comTired of the mainstream media? Well, now you can report the news in a professional manner, just like a real journalist. If you witnessed a news worthy event and would like to let the world know about your perspective on it, this is the place to do it.

This website allows people to submit stories and publishes them for all to see. You can submit text, photo and video news reports, and learn how to become a successful citizen journalist. The site is intended for serious writing so if you want a chance to become a reporter and get your stories published, just visit and see what you can come up with. The site’s going to take back citizen journalism by letting people report the news in a professional manner and teach people how to become real journalists, without going to school for it. Take advantage of this service and get a head start at journalism.

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