More – Give Your Images A Cinematic Touch

  • August 16, 2010

CineCrop.comThose of you who are keen on the technical aspects of film making must already know that directors use anamorphic lenses to shoot their scenes. These lenses are what create the widescreen look that we all associate with modern cinema, and truly vivid imagery is only possible when these are used.

Well, CineCrop is a new iPhone app that lets you pick any photo that you have taken and crop it to Anamorphic, effectively making it resemble a scene from out of a movie. In actuality, if you buy the application (which is available at the App Store) you can proceed to crop your images to up to six different cinematic aspect ratios, including 35mm Film Widescreen and 16mm Film.

The main asset of the whole application might as well be how easy it is to use. You simply choose the picture that you want to edit, select the aspect ratio, position the cropping area and then proceed to crop it.

The app has full preview capabilities, a basic set of manipulation tools and it lets you share your cropped images via email. Those who have the skill will also be able to create their own custom ratios and use them at will.

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