More – Pay With Your Mobile

  • January 12, 2011

Cimbal.comIt is not too adventuresome to say that mobile payment platforms like Cimbal are showing us the way in which transactions will be carried out for good in the not-so-distant future.

Cimbal lets anybody link his bank checking or savings account to his smartphone, and proceed to pay for anything that he has bought in a mere couple of taps.

And a platform like Cimbal is also usable when it comes to lending money to friends. They will get what they need no matter where they are, and they will be able to repay you in such a dynamic way when the time comes.

Coming back to the completion of online transactions (like buying something at a store, or paying for dinner), an application like Cimbal is also highly beneficial to managers. It can be implemented without having to buy costly hardware (and teaching employees how to handle it, too). So, it is safe to say that a platform like Cimbal is equally practical to the ones who are buying something and to those who are receiving the actual payment.

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