More – A Game For Twitter Users

  • July 15, 2010

ChumpDump.comThe name of the game shortly after Twitter came to town was following as many people as you could, and being followed by even more. Now, things have been reversed.

Well, that is the underlying impression one gets after taking a look at Chump Dump, a game that can be played by those who have either an iPhone or an Android. And such an impression is likewise strengthened by the general lack of new apps for following others en masse, and also by the absence of new services for buying followers.

As far as Chump Dump goes, the game challenges you to dump these followers that add nothing to your Twitter feed but the kind of clutter that those who object to Twitter always cite, IE (“clipping my nails”, “going 2 the toilet”…). By discarding these followers (and explaining why you did it) you are earning Karma points, and the more of these points that you accrue then the higher you will soar on the leaderboard that is provided on the site.

Chump Dump actually helps you decide who stays and who goes by picking a random follower from your list and showing how much he adds to Twitter through a series of charts. One follower will be highlighted like this each day, and whatever you decide (dump him or save him) you will have to give your reasons for doing it.

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