Christmas carol

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  • May 6, 2008

LyricsPlayground.comIf you too think that vintage is beautiful, or don’t at all and just like to play Joan Baez, Carole King and Charles Aznavour on your iPod, you’ll probably like quite a lot.

This site is a database of lyrics from around the world listing songs published not after the mid 80’s, and will allow you to browse alphabetically or, much simpler, use the searchbox to find any keyword you might be after. Since the whole idea of the site is to preserve collective memory of songs that for some reason or other were and continue to be important, even if it’s just for one person, they rely and encourage user submissions of lyrics, and also particular requests. I was very excited to find an area of the site devoted to Christmas carols and traditional songs, which is definitely going to come in handy to throw a fun party while decorating your tree later this year. Also great is the fact that the songs are representative of different styles and genres, and many nationalities are represented as well, so if you are receiving an exchange student or welcoming a foreign colleague, it could be a good idea to get familiarized with his favorite tunes to sing along.

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