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  • April 29, 2008

Hotfrets.comIf there is one thing that there is definitely no shortage of online, it is guitar learning resources. This might be due to a several reasons.

The most feasible seems to be that the guitar stands as an instrument whose appeal is that simple pieces can be easily played with just a little guidance. Of course, the instrument is one of the hardest to master. But compare it to other melodic instruments. For instance, a piano is much more difficult to get to initially grips to, if only because it requires the player to read music. On the other hand, guitar tablature can be readily understood by anybody. Chording a guitar is simple, whereas playing the piano requires particular coordination. So it comes as no surprise that there are so many guitar resources online. All aspiring and budding guitar players will enjoy a visit to the Hot Frets site. It includes all the usual goodies such as tablatures and chords for your favourite songs, as well as technical information on topics such as scales and arpeggios. A whole section is devoted to lessons, and info on gear such as amplifiers and other accessories is provided as well.

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More – Sing and Play Guitar Online

  • March 11, 2008

Songsterr.comAre you a Guitar Pro user? Are you looking for Guitar Pro tabs to learn new songs on your guitar or bass? If that is the case, could be of help. On Songsterr you will find a large database of guitar pro tabs you can check online for free.

No matter if you are an expert and you need an acoustic guitar music sheet or if you are looking for a beginner guitar music sheet, this might be a good site to visit. provides you with music sheets for Guitar Pro for a wide range of artists, as well as with acoustic guitar notes for beginners, in addition to guitar music for songs you have always wanted to play.

Apart from guitar tabs, you will also find the bass music sheet you need. To sum up, if you have Guitar Pro software and want to get new guitar tabs, feel free to visit to find what you are looking for. On this site you can check Guitar Pro tabs online.

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