More – Directly Connecting Buyers and Sellers

  • October 25, 2007

ChoiceA.comConcerning real estate the good people of believe there are two choices.

Choice A would be to do it yourself, and choice B would be to get an agent. helps you choose choice A by creating a site that has pulled together the useful material from the web and creating a space where buyers and sellers can connect directly without a middle man. helps both buyers and sellers find what they are looking for. There is a search engine on the site that lets buyers search for property with filters such as; property type, price range, location, and geographic range from destination. A list of properties appear, with a photo, address, and square footage of the property. You can choose to look at a map, or photo gallery to get more details or just click on the listing to get more information on the property and the connect information of the buyer. The listing provides lots of detailed information about the property like if it needs any repairs, how many rooms are in the property, etc has many tools for sellers to aide them in what can seem as the overwhelming process of selling their property. has tools and forms that help users list their property, negotiate, and then sell. All of the information and tools on are free, so take advantage of this site and choose

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