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  • June 25, 2007

ItsUnfortunate.comChinese fortune cookies are fun and crispy treats; who wouldn’t like a cookie containing a clever message like ‘You’re talented and will become prosperous in the near future’? Eat enough Chinese food though and you’ll find the fortunes are a trifle repetitive, dull even. Why not make your own? The heads over at itsUnfortunate.

com have brought Web 2.0 over into the cookie realm. Input your own fortunes. See what other people written. The homepage is filled with the best and worst, as voted by fellow soothsayers. Among the top fortunes include ‘Help! I’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory,’ and ‘Warranty void if cookie broken’. Write your own fortune and print it out. Share it with the world or keep it private. The site’s also got the standard cookie fortunes as well as a nifty learn Chinese box beside it. Make your fortune, share it and learn a foreign language at the same time, could it get any better?

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