More – The Best Tweets On Your Timeline

  • April 11, 2011

ChiliTweets.comImportant links have a tendency to become lost on Twitter, but that is no indictment on the service at all. Any service in which you could begin following hundreds and hundreds at the click of a button is going to suffer from that – content will invariably become misplaced along the way.

Yet, there are applications like ChiliTweets around – applications that make it very easy for anybody to single out the best links on his timeline, without having to sort or filter anything on their own. All that the user has to do is to select how many tweets he would like to have displayed using a slider.

And the way ChiliTweets works, the application can learn from your behavior and interactions on the Twitterverse, and begin retrieving links from your timeline based on that. And ChiliTweets can do much more than just aggregating the best links for you – it can also tell you about the ones who posted them, and highlight these influencers for you to access the content they generate even more easily.

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