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  • September 13, 2007

www.imsafer.comAll over the world people enjoy the free and easy access to everything there is on websites, but can children be prevented from being exposed to improper contents? Can their web surfing be controlled all the time? Now we are completely sure we can do it 24 hours a day. helps adults to protect their kids online, in a simple, effective and easy to use way. You only have to download and install IMSafer on the computer your children use as well as on your own computer and the application will show you the public information about a MySpace user who logs in from your children’s machine. Once running, if someone goes to MySpace page on that computer he/she will find a message which notifies that computer is being monitored by ParentCare, specifying that if you log in, your display name, age and location will be logged too. IMSafer alerts parents when their child is having a potentially dangerous conversation online and allows them to see how they’re representing themselves on the web. It also gives adults the opportunity to help other parents by submitting feedback on possible predators. The IMSafer Parents Blog lets them comment and discuss all their concerns.

There’re many features which make this site revolutionary: it has a link off to the MySpace profile in question, a nice, clean, easy to use interface, a single screen to get all the information for all the computers monitored, a display of the picture your child has on MySpace page and support for any other social networking site.

Not only does provide a way of checking conversations and monitor whatever parents want about their children, but also gives them a certain peace of mind.

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