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  • February 22, 2010

CherryDeals.comA service that clearly aims to compete with Groupon, Cherry Deal will cater to the millions who are hooked on games like Farmville. The way this system works is by enabling you to shop for items in the physical world right form your browser, and upon doing so you will also receive credits that you can use to buy any new item or piece of property on your virtual game of choice.

That is, the site will enable you to procure new items both online and offline in one fell swoop.

All you have to do in order to learn about the “Cherry Deal of the day” is clicking the big cherry that is displayed on the site’s main page, and see which deal applies in your city at any given time. That is, Cherry Deals realizes in which city you are stationed at by geolocating your position, and then it figures out which deals to put your way.

Ultimately, users will certainly not complain about a service like this one since it will let them spend their money twice at the same time. Given how big social gaming has tuned out to be, there is a ready (and most of all eager) market that can be catered by services like this one.

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