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  • June 3, 2008

Chem1.comAre you studying chemistry as a subject at school? Are you interested in chemistry related subjects? Are you studying chemistry at University? Do you have a chemistry assignment you need to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions then there’s a website out there that will be of heaps of use to you. The website is called Chem1.

com, sounds simple but it’s really effective. is one of the most useful website on the internet that helps you gather heaps of information on chemistry related topics. On the website you will be able to see an Academic’s index page, including heaps of information on the General Chemistry Virtual Textbook. You will also be able to see AqueScams, a study in water pseudoscience. And another helpful link found on the website is to resources for chemistry education that is mainly for teachers, but is also for General Chemistry students. If you would like to read information on these topics, visit now.

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