More – Chemistry Majors Dream

  • July 8, 2012 is the answer for any student, teacher, professor, or chemistry fanatic. This site provides all sorts of periodic tables for any setting, and also provides resources for other methods of chemical and compound make-ups. The site has every version of this scientific tool imaginable, and then some. With scientific discoveries every day, this tool is essential to every day life for anyone involved in the learning of what makes the world go around. Periodic tables are generally discovered in middle-school education, and continuously grow as the education advances.

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More – American Chemical Society

  • October 7, 2011

ACS.orgAs the website for the American Chemical Society, provides members of ACS with information about upcoming and past meetings, membership dues, education, career information and other resources. The ACS in based in the United States and they represent over 161,000 members from all degree-levels in all fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, and related fields. The American Chemical Society is the largest scientific society in the world and they are one of the top sources for scientific information.

ACS publishes a large selection of peer-reviewed research journals in the fields of chemistry and chemical related sciences. Abstracts, Full Text HTML, Hi-Res PDF, and PDF with links are available on of many of the American Chemical Society publications and selected chapters from ACS books are available online as well.

A listing of national ACS meetings and expositions is also available on Additional resources for ACS meetings provided on the website include information on applying for a US visa for international visitors as well as resources for people who would like to exhibit at a meeting. Regional meeting information as well as details for local section meetings, ACS-Affiliate meetings, Pacifichem 2010 and other notable conferences in the realm of chemistry and chemical related sciences are also listed on

The Career page on the website allows employers to post open positions and job seekers to view job postings. Articles on resume preparation, interviewing and negotiating, and job search strategies are also provided to members and website visitors alike to help them find jobs in Chemical and Chemistry related fields. Members of ACS additionally have access to personal career consulting through the website. People who would like to join ACS may do so through an application available on or they may apply by mail or fax.

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More – Increase Your Knowledge Here

  • July 19, 2008

101Science.comAre you looking for science sites to emphasize your knowledge? Would you like to make your search faster and more efficient? is a site that provides a list of web site links that offer information and data of the different sciences.

In the main page you will be able to see the list of subjects, such as science books, astronomy, calculations, chemistry, biology, physics, projects, geology and time conversion among others. Once you select any of these subjects in the list you will be provided with articles related to the subject you have selected. Many of these enclose detailed information for you to read, with graphics and other data. All that this site provides to the web visitors is for free, so you just have to visit it and start searching for the information you are in need of. What are you waiting for? Increase your knowledge with!

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More – Science Info Online

  • July 7, 2008 has been created by a professor mainly as a backup for assignments for his students; however, you can benefit from the interesting info he has posted at the site.

Basically, there is information regarding specific areas of study, like marine science, physiology, astronomy, and biology, for instance. Apart from representing a good source for students, this site is also useful for the parents because they can keep track of what their children are studying. On the main page of the web site there are diverse sections, such as: homework corner, science links, encyclopaedia, etc. There are also other links available like lesson plans, personal history, and astronomy club. Within the homework corner you will see biology homework, biology calendar, biology syllabus, etc. Some of the science links you will see are: astronomy, organic chemistry, cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, and marine science. The site serves as well for students to follow the professor’s agenda and assignments, along with the total number of points and scores.

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More – John Pratt’s Home Page

  • June 26, 2008

Johnpratt.comTo take advantage of internet’s most important feature, democracy, is that John P. Pratt has developed his own website.

At you can find everything about him by entering anyone of the four sections this site has: The Works, Who Is John Pratt, My Family Picture, and What’s New? Within each section you will access much information about John’s life, work, and beloved beings. He is an astronomer and computer programmer, specializing in ancient calendar. He is an enthusiast on puzzles, science, math, calendars, and a wide variety of disciplines. He teaches astronomy at a state college and keeps notes for that class I this website. At the news section you will find all these updated notes, as well as some Pratt’s contributions to science. Among his work there is a pictorial periodic table he invented to make chemistry more fun; it’s to be used as memory pegs for memorizing long lists of items. Use the site’s search engine to look for information within the site, or enter the Family section to check family pictures and genealogy.

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Sf.Edu – University Of Saint Francis Website

  • June 25, 2008

Sf.EduThe University of Saint Francis holds fast to the teachings and faith of the Roman Catholic Church, the liberal arts tradition, and the virtues of the wisdom tradition inspired by St. Francis and St.

Clare of Assisi. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Welcome, Admissions, USF Crown Point, Financial Aid, Academics, Athletics, Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff, Library, and Mission and Values. More than 95 percent of University of Saint Francis students receive financial aid. Students receive assistance from federal, state, and university sources in the form of grants, loans and scholarships. This university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and other departments of education. Some of its academic programs are: accounting, art history, biology, chemistry, education, computer, communication, mathematics, management, human resources management, and more. Sf.Edu

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More – Science & Chemistry Study Resources

  • June 17, 2008

Sciencegeek.netDo you enjoy studying science? Would you like to learn more about chemistry and feel the need to find an online resource that can help? Maybe you are a chemistry student at high school or college who is in need or more information, support or guidance with your work? If you are a chemistry teacher that would like access to some useful resources that can aid you in the classroom, then you should also consider taking a look at an online resource that is dedicated to the subject of chemistry. The web site can be found at the address of www., this site has a very well designed and simple lay out which makes navigating to all the information quick and easy. Many of the pagers of this site can be downloaded quickly and for free so that they can be used for reference. The site also contains links to other useful chemistry related web sites on the internet.

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More – Idaho’s Education And History

  • June 5, 2008 provides you with interesting information about chemistry in the United States. By visiting this site you can find information about different chemists and experiments. In addition, you can also find periodic tables you can consult for your study. Then, if you are into Chemistry, this site could be of your interest.

Do you like chemistry? Do you need help to study this subject? If that is the case, could be of help. This site provides you with different resources on Chemistry, including periodic tables, glossary of terms, and different articles concerning several topics. Whenever you need to find out anything related to chemistry, you could visit to find what you are looking for.

To sum up, on this site you can find lots of information about Chemistry and other sciences. gives you different resources on chemistry, including periodic tables, glossary of terms, and articles about different topics.

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More – Chemistry Project Help

  • June 3, 2008

Chem1.comAre you studying chemistry as a subject at school? Are you interested in chemistry related subjects? Are you studying chemistry at University? Do you have a chemistry assignment you need to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions then there’s a website out there that will be of heaps of use to you. The website is called Chem1.

com, sounds simple but it’s really effective. is one of the most useful website on the internet that helps you gather heaps of information on chemistry related topics. On the website you will be able to see an Academic’s index page, including heaps of information on the General Chemistry Virtual Textbook. You will also be able to see AqueScams, a study in water pseudoscience. And another helpful link found on the website is to resources for chemistry education that is mainly for teachers, but is also for General Chemistry students. If you would like to read information on these topics, visit now.

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More – Search Engine For Studying Solutions

  • May 21, 2008

Essayfinder.comIf you need to write an essay and you need help to do that, this could be a good option to consider. Essay Finder allows you to find different essays, including examples of essays of different subjects. This site could be an interesting option for those who want to learn how to write an essay by reading many examples.

Additionally, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to finding essays easily. This site can give you different examples of essays on different subjects, ranging from accounting and nutrition to psychology.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to find the essays you need faster, you will find a good site to keep in mind. Next time you need examples of essays, this site can be useful. Feel free to stop by and find examples to learn how to write an essay in a simple way.

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More – Extracts Processor Manufacturer

  • May 14, 2008

Mdidea.comMD idea Group is one of the most professional extracts processor manufacturer and developer company specialized in providing a variety of natural products for you to buy with special discounts. On you will find all the information you are looking for natural remedies and supplements. is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to cheap nutritive supplements and natural medicine supplies. On this online store you can find a variety of different products for you to choose from, including Ginko Bilboa supplements and Omega nutritive products, as well as hair growth supplies and natural remedies.

Are you looking for alternative natural medicine? If that is the case, this website will be perfect for you. is an online store where you can buy natural remedies and nutritive supplements. Feel free to stop by this website if you are looking for natural medicine products.

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More – Your Chemistry Tutor

  • May 7, 2008

Chemtutor.comAre you having troubles with your chemistry lessons? Is it the subject that you like most? Or maybe the one that you hate most? No matter you’re a highschool or a college student, now you have chemtutor to help you. In this website, chemistry help is available for those ones who need it.

Although chemtutor is not a complete text for your course or a complete outline, but they certainly provide some insightful help in the parts of primary chemistry that have been the hardest for students to succeed. The site features in heuristics, numbers and math, nits and measures, atomic structure, elements, periodic table, states of matter, as well as compounds, reactions, mols, oxidation and reduction reaction. Also you can find information about gases, solutions, acids and bases, kinetics and termochemistry. Chemtutor is not only of great help to students, but also is a useful resource to chemistry teachers. If you like this page and find it useful, you can tell your friends about it and help them too.

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More – Chemistry Information and Business

  • May 5, 2008¿What

mx is? It is a chemistry company with a main office in Mexico, but owns centers all over North and South America. They specialize in providing information and chemistry related businesses. ¿What will you find at the website? You will find the following sections: Business Center, Information, Tools and Community. At the business center, you will find a directory of all the companies, classifies, and much more. Under the title of “information” you will find news, events, and other websites that might be interesting. As “tools” are concerned, you will find things such as converters and calculators. And at “community”, you will find editorials and interviews, among many other things. In addition, they provide you with information of the different chemistry industries: pharmaceutical, plastics, cosmetic, automotive, textile, construction, agro, electric, mechanic, transport, glass, and many others. What’s more, you will also find other products and services specialized on the different areas.

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More – Periodic Table Online

  • April 28, 2008

Periodictable.comThis curious website offers you the chance to get your own online periodic table. All of the elements are at sight on the page, and if you put your mouse over one of them, on the top of the page pictures, stories and faqs about this particular element will appear.

You will also get pictures about what the element is used for. The “Technical Data” link you’ll find in the navigation bar at the top of each element’s page takes you to detailed numerical data about that element. From hydrogen to lithium, helium, silicon, aluminum, iodine, platinum, gold, mercury, lead; you will find each and every single one of the elements known by mankind. This website also gives you the chance to purchase a periodic table just as you see it on This might as well be a very useful tool for high school students that have to approve this complex science and is always seen as a difficult subject.

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More – Test Center Site

  • April 27, 2008 case you are a science student and you are looking for learning resources, could be an interesting option for you to keep in mind. This site provides you with interactive learning resources you can use to study certain lessons. Visit this site and take a look at the available tutorials.

Are studying sciences? Would you like to get learning materials for free? If that is so, AUS-e-TUTE could be of great help. By visiting this site you will find lots of interactive learning resources, including periodic tables, texts, and games, as well as exams, and quizzes. Feel free to stop by and find out everything related to this site membership.

To sum up, whenever you need to find learning resources on sciences, this site might worth a try. On you will find a wide range of interactive learning resources for different sciences, including chemistry, physics, and maths.

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More – Journal Of Biological Chemistry

  • April 22, 2008

Jbc.orgOne thing is clear: you have to know you periodical timetable quite well to be able to profit from these articles. The Journal of Biological Chemistry is the digital version of the homonymous print journal, published by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology since the early 20th century.

All of the archives are available online, as is the current issue; the largest part of the collection is available in PDF format, though newest articles are in web version. Interestingly, the site provides flexible quotation and copyright management tools, which allow users to quickly ask for permission to reprint, and authors and readers to get alerts on cites and corrections. As is the case with many online journals in a variety of topics, presents a selection of weekly papers which for one reason or other won’t make it to the print edition, but are still interesting for the JBC community of readers. Also very nice is the ‘Classics’ section, where users will be able to get hold of some of the most groundbreaking papers and studies published by the journal in the last century, with a brief introductory note on the researchers and the impact of this collection of works, which will definitely be of great use for all chemistry professionals and students who want to know a bit more about the pioneers of their discipline. Inspired by these groundbreaking works or not, if you have written a paper on any of the wide ranging topics this journal deals with, you can submit your paper for consideration on the site, and also read guidelines on what they expect. I was delighted to see that this journal has a bi-weekly podcast which you can get from the site, as it is a really convenient feature that most scientific journals still aren’t dreaming to include in their sites, though hopefully the trend will catch up.

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More – 3d Chemistry

  • March 15, 2008

3dchem.comAre you interested in chemistry? Would you like to learn more about nano technology, molecules and chemistry structures? If that is the case, this website might be a good site for you to visit. On you will find educational information about molecules, medical drugs and enzymes.

What is more, this website contains useful data about proteins, virus and DNA , as well as biological super-structures and nano structures. On you can find information about prescription medicines and inorganic structures.

So, if you want to get an insight into molecules and chemistry, this is the right site to do it. On this site you can learn more about chemistry, molecules and nano structures. provides an interactive 3d periodic table and details of different metals and their structures. Feel free to stop by this website in case you want to get background knowledge about chemistry.

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More – Gondar Design Science

  • March 10, 2008

Purchon.comAre you a high school student? Are you having some trouble with your science related subjects? Well, on the Gondar Design Science web page you can find all you might be looking for. On this site you will find information about many science related subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and ecology.

Some of the biology related topics you will find on this web page are: respiration, blood, cells, hormones and more. They have very clear and interesting explanatory draws of the different areas of biology. The other categories seem to be rather empty, but you can ask for any topic and they will try to help you. On this web page you can also read a list of steps you need to follow in order to get an A in any essay you write regardless the subject. Reading some more information about the creator of this site is also an opportunity that this web page offers.

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More – Advancing the Chemical Sciences

  • February 23, 2008

ChemSoc.orgThis great site provides its visitors with an outstanding source for all sorts of information about chemistry. The site is divided into 8 main categories as follows: VISUAL ELEMENTS PERIODIC TABLE which is a graphical interpretation of the table of elements along with the most stunning periodic table available on the web, TIMELINE, featuring a visual exploration of key events in the history of science with particular emphasis on chemistry, PUBLIC ACTIVITIES, where you can find out about activities including Chemistry Week or search the events database, LEARNNET, a comprehensive resource for teachers and students of chemistry to learn more about their subject, NETWORKS AND SOCIETIES, which features links to chemical science organizations across the world, CHEMBYTES, including features on “hot topics” in chemical science, CAREERS AND JOB CENTRE, and WEB LINKS, an essential guide to chemistry on the web.

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More – Get The Perfect Match

  • November 18, 2007

www.Chemistry.comTired of compatibily tests? Looking for a meaningful relationship and don’t know where to start?’s mission is to help you find that long term relationship you are in need of.

How? Its system is designed to find two essencial elements between people: compatibily and chemistry. Once you complete the chemistry profile, they will send you up to 5 daily free matches with the potential to trigger chemistry. A step by step introduction process in which you will select the questions you want will be provided. You can discontinue your communications with any match, at any time and for any reason. Only your fellow paying members are available to contact you and your photo will be shown when you feel its time. The site was developed by, one of its main differences is that chemistry’s compatibility matching is based on emerging reasearch into the science of brain chemistry. Notice that chemistry is available only in the US. You will be offered different subscriptions plans with varying membership periods and pricing plans.

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