More – Creating & Sharing Comic Strips

  • September 30, 2009

Cheese9.comAre you keen on comics? If you are, chances are you will also be keen on drawing your own. And this website will act as a perfect spot for indulging in what you like best.

In general terms, Cheese9 is an online resource that has a marked social bent, as it brings together community generated comic strips. These submissions are in turn rated by other members, and discussed extensively.

Browsing through these comic strips is made all the more supple by way of a pictorial interface that lets you see comics chronological, and click on any selection that tickles your fancy.

Signing up to the site comes at no cost. Once you are a user of the site you can not only create your own personal strips but also play some interactive games that stick to the overall theme of the site.

On the whole, an interesting resource both for those who are just getting started and also for the ones who have some mileage. They can both count on this site when becoming inspired is the order of the day, while casual users are bound to enjoy the strips themselves, of course.

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