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More – Helping Others Feel Better

  • June 28, 2010

WorryPad.comFeeling a little blue lately? If that happens to be the (unfortunate) case, you must always remember that one is as sad as he wants to be. There are always ways for feeling better if you want to, and some are quite instant.

This site is a case in point.

Entitled Worry Pad, it will empower you to share your woes with everybody and get cheered up.

Using the site is not really that hard at all. You have a box for inputting your worries, problems and dilemmas and then people are given the chance to cheer you by voting your submission up. It is as direct as that.

For example, some featured submission when I checked the site included “I worry kids will forget how to write using a pencil and become dependent on useless electronic gadgets” and “The world is going to end because of climate warming”.

As it is the rule with sites like this one, the most recent submissions are spotlighted on the main page, and you can also see the ones that have been more cheered recently. In that way, you will be able to gauge how sympathetic has the world been feeling as of late.

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