More – Baseball Social Network

  • May 31, 2011

CheckSwing.comCheckSwing is a baseball social network that connects all the people who are involved in the sport in one way or the other. This includes not only the actual players and their coaches but also the parents of these players and those who work as scouts. On the site, they can all create their very own profiles and start interacting with each other as they would in real life, only that here everything will become as quick and direct as only the Internet makes it possible. CheckSwing lets them communicate with each other in the most relatable of ways.

They can share all kinds of media, with images and videos obviously being the kind of files that registered users swap more frequently. Coaches can share videos with their players and highlight these points that are to be improved more clearly, parents can share videos among themselves and discuss to which extent the coach is actually taking the best decisions… the site makes such interactions take place in a context where messages are delivered fast, and in an entirely understandable way.

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