More – A Tool For Enhancing Foursquare

  • February 19, 2010

CheckOutCheckIns.comFoursquare has been in the news recently along with Twitter because someone released an app that makes it clear who is away from home – IE whose house can be freely burgled. While people saw that app mostly as a joke/indicator that the social web has some side effects that can’t be avoided, others pointed their fingers rabidly at the two “offending” services and claimed the Internet would be better off without something that makes criminal activity easier.

If that were the case, the world would be better off without Internet, TV, radio… everything has a negative flipside. It is all a matter of common sense.

And if you are sensible enough (IE, you are a Foursquare user that values the system for what it is), then this site will come in handy. Named Check Out Check Ins, it addresses some of Foursquare’s shortcomings by giving you a detailed list of these places that you have visited in the past and how frequently you return there. It does so by looking at your last 50 checkins, and the information is provided as a rich map that you can zoom in and out at will.

This is quite a useful addendum to anybody’s Foursquare account. As long as you are not one of the alarmists who cry wolf at services like this one and Twitter for leading to overexposure, you will find it worth your time.

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