More – Know When Customers Are Coming

  • May 5, 2011

CheckinPlugin.comWhich side do you take on the location-based dilemma? To share or not to share? If you are firmly on the second side, this is a site you will surely keep your distance from. But if you deem location-based networking as one of the most significant developments of late, then you will find this website quite appealing.

CheckinPlugin is a service that is aimed at managers of venues. Basically, thanks to they will be able to let visitors create a future check-in to their venues. People will be able to set down the precise date they will check in – tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week – and all of their friends will get to know about such a thing.

In this way, planning when to hit any spot will become much easier for customers. And the managers will be able to know when a bigger number of people will be in attendance and arrange activities (or special menus) to keep everybody happy when that day comes.

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