More – Verify Bulk Emails

  • March 13, 2012

BulkEmailVerifier.comEmail marketers and database companies that have to verify lots of email addresses every day are going to find this new service nothing short of excellent. Bulk Email Verifier puts an end to having to verify addresses one by one, as this service can take care of going through any email list of yours, and have it cleaned for good. This service can remove fake and dead emails from any list of subscribers. All you have to do is to supply the list (batch files in CSV or TXT formats are supported). is going to check everything. The syntax used, the domain elements of the emails, the existence of mailboxes…

Pricing is as follows. There are four plans: “Standard”, “Advanced”, “Professional” and “Enterprise”. They are all billed monthly, and they cost $99, $189, $289 and $389. Each can go through a larger list of subscribers and filter out more and more emails per day (from 8,000 to 55,000). There’s a two-month subscription limit on all plans. And if you have to do a one-time job and verify a large batch of emails just once, then you can go for any of the three different ad hoc plans provided by the company. In this case, what you’re buying is a three-day pass for a standard, advanced or professional plan.

And if you have to handle more than 100,000 emails and you need the job done as quickly as possible, then you can always contact the company and ask for special rates.

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More – Share New Links

  • October 27, 2011

IsItOld.comThere’s no better way to prove you’re hip than sending all your friends on Twitter and Facebook the latest memes and popular videos that have surfaced on YouTube. Trouble is, everybody else is doing the same. And sharing a URL that half your contacts have already shared wouldn’t make you look that great in the eyes of your friends. It would actually make you look like a no-hoper, someone who’s trying just too hard to be cool. Now, if only there were a way to check how fresh a link really is, we would really be into something good…

Well, such a service has just become available. It’s named Is It Old?, and you’re reading about it right now. It’s a pretty simple-to-use site, but not that a service for checking how fresh a link is could be that complex, really. On, all you do is to submit the URL of the video or article that you want to share with all your contacts for it to be analyzed. You’ll get to know how many times that has been already shared, and you’ll also be told about the first time it was actually shared.

Of course, just because you share something you deem as “cool” wouldn’t make a Mr. Popularity out of you. But knowing that what you’re spreading isn’t already old hat by the time you’re sharing it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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More – Check If Sites Are Up Or Down

  • September 22, 2011

DownForMe.orgWeb-based services have got a clear disadvantage over these applications that you install on your own PC, namely that you can never be sure what’s really going on when you can’t access them. The only way of finding that out is by taking to Twitter and Facebook, and begin messaging everybody to see if they’re facing the very same accessibility problems that you’re facing. But that is set to change for good now we have a service like Down For Me around.

A simple and straightforward web tool, Down For Me allows you to check whether a site is actually unavailable for everybody or just for you. This is accomplished simply by submitting its URL, and clicking on the button that reads “Verify”. Within seconds, you’ll be notified if the site is up or down, so that you can either contact its tech department and notify them about what’s going on, or begin figuring out just why on Earth you’re unable to access that site everybody else seems able to access.

And for every site that you check, you can see an up-to-date access ratio that will let you know how many times such a URL has actually been accessible/inaccessible to others.

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More – Analyze Your Site

  • August 7, 2011

Flipzers.comBudding webmasters could do a lot worse than checking this new service out. We can define Flipzers as an analysis tool for websites. Flipzers makes it possible to look at lots of different variables and indicators, and then start figuring out why visitors aren’t pouring in at the rate that one envisioned when his site went live. Flipzers makes for checking traffic details, incoming links and indexed pages in a matter of minutes. It all boils down to submitting one’s own URL for it to be thoroughly examined.

All that can be done at no cost. Flipzers is a free application, and there’s no need to sign up for the service in order to use it either.

Flipzers is very useful, no doubt about it. Yet, it would be unfair not to mention that there are lots and lots of comparable services around such as WebsiteValueBot, Cubestat and EstimURL.

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More – Certify Your Site Is Safe

  • July 24, 2011

ITMSecure.comThere are many ways for showing your visitors that your site is indeed secure and trustworthy, but if you are looking for one that is really comprehensive then this certainly fits the bill. ITM Secure is a company that provides trustmarks to these websites that pass the security tests it administers. The company aims to protect customers from phishing attacks, identity fraud, spam, viruses, adware and spyware, and the tests it carries out take all that into consideration. Just any person who has a site can submit it for evaluation and analysis, and if it passes all tests then it will become the recipient of an ITM Secure badge.

This can but let the webmaster see an increase in conversion rates and AOV, while also seeing a decrease in bounce rates. And that’s not mentioning how much the experience of users is enhanced – they no longer spend a single second worrying about whether the site they are visiting (and which is asking them for personal information) is one they can trust or not.

Additionally, it must be mentioned that all the sites that get an ITM Secure trustmark are indexed by the company. People can learn about them by checking the directory which is made available on

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More – Compare Sites Quick

  • July 17, 2011

Teebler.comBeing a webmaster is not that difficult as long as one can use a service like this to aid him in his job. Teebler is a measurement tool that can analyze any site that one wants to know more about. This can be his very own website, or any website that he is going up against. In both cases, the same set of data is produced for one to take into account and base future decisions upon.

This data includes statistical information such as the Page Rank of the site, its number of visitors and its number of indexed pages as well as information regarding ho much social projection the site has got. That is determined by looking at the times the site has been mentioned on Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn, and also how many times it has been shared on Facebook

With all that data in full sight, it can be anything but difficult for a webmaster to realize which steps to take to ease what is negative about his own site into the background, and start making it more attractive to larger audiences.

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More – Verify Data Online

  • July 13, 2011

XVerify.comWe can define xVerify as a data verification system that works entirely in real time. If you have an online store and you use this service, you will be able to verify that the people who are keen on doing businesses with you are who they actually claim to be. And the same goes for the people that approach you with a job offer after having come across your work on any website, or after having had a look at your Facebook profile. xVerify turns that into a really simple task, as all you have to do is to furnish what data you have about that person in order to have it cross-referenced and verified.

Currently, five different checks can be conducted on the site: email verifications, phone verifications, address verifications, name verifications and IP verifications. The first three of these services come at a cost, while name and IP verifications are free to all and sundry.

Plus, those of you who are webmasters will be able to and let visitors verify data in real time by getting and installing the provided widget.

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More – Share Your Favorite Apps

  • July 1, 2011

AppList.meAvailable in English and German, is one of the easiest ways yet devised to share all the iPhone and iPad apps that you use with your family, friends and coworkers. This is done by downloading and launching a free scanning utility on your iTunes machine. will go through all the iOS-applications that you have installed there, and then produce a list highlighting them one by one. This is the list that will be shared with your acquaintances and colleagues, though it is important to mention that if for any reason of the other you want an app not to be listed then you can easily hide it from sight. It is all done by unchecking it from the list.

The list itself, by the way, is shared by simply spreading a unique ULR that is generated by the scanner once it has finished collecting all the apps that you have on your iTunes library. is compatible both with Windows and Mac OS. You can get the scanner for free on the site, and launch it straightaway.

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More – Share Your Email Load

  • June 1, 2011

Courteous.lyWhen sending out emails, it is just too easy to get angry with the recipient if he takes what it seems too long to answer our missives. We often fail to realize that people can be located in faraway countries, and that a reasonable time for us might be an utterly inappropriate time for them to read a message and answer it back. That can be easily worked out – it just takes a little common sense. But there are other reasons that might keep people from answering emails instantly, and these include being weighed down by too much work. Traditionally, you (as the sender of the message) have no way of knowing such a thing. You would have to read their minds to know about that. Or to look into their email inboxes to realize just how many emails they have received, and have to answer back.

Well, this web service lets you do the latter. Any user of can publish his email load, and let people keep an eye on it. This monitoring process can take multiple aspects into account. It can look at unread messages in an inbox, at the total number of messages there, and also at how much emails the user has been sending recently. Then, a status will be adjudicated to the email load (Light, Normal or High) for his friends/coworkers to take into account.

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More – Check Your Backlinks

  • May 20, 2011

Backlinks4Me.comPresented by DRPU Software, Backlinks4Me is an application that can take care of checking your backlinks in real time.

Users of Backlinks4Me can receive notifications via email whenever any backlink stops being where it was, and start working on fixing the situation. And sound alerts can actually be activated – this will be highly-convenient for those who count on their sites as their main source of revenue.

And remember, this is a SEO tool that works in real time. At the end of the day, that is what makes it all the more usable.

And those who visit this site will get to learn about all the software products that DRPU specializes in. That is a really broad range of applications: keyloggers, forensic tools, database converters, disk cleaning utilities, text messaging applications… the company produces all these and more. The site will let you know everything – prices, system requirements, tips for enhancing their performance…

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More – Check Your Backlinks

  • May 14, 2011

Backlinkcheck.comGetting backlinks and preserving them is the one challenge webmasters are always up to. And as long as there are applications like Backlinkcheck around, such a challenge is one they are going to face much better-equipped than they would by any other means.

As its name suggests, this is an application that can be used to check the status and availability of backlinks. This can be used in two ways, as webmasters can check both their sites and the ones that they are competing with. In the first case, they will get to monitor the health of these links they have managed to amass up to that point. In the second, they will easily get to realize which links their competitors have managed to scoop up, and start working on trying to get the very same links themselves.

The service is free in all cases, and there is no software to install in your computer. It all takes place on the browser, and it all takes place at a truly respectable speed too.

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More – Find The Best Domains

  • May 12, 2011

DomainHole.comGreat domain names never come easy… unless you are using a service like this one, that is. DomainHole is a young startup that has taken to itself to simplify the search of good domain names, and let people have a cool URL to go with their projects no matter what they do or sell.

This is accomplished by providing users with an excellent range of domain-related tools. These included a name spinner and a name generator (for these times in which you try and try and nothing remarkable comes), and an instant availability checker that will let you know if anything you managed to dream up yourself is up for grabs.

Plus, a tool for searching expired domains is likewise available. You will be able to realize if any domain you had set your eyes on at any time in the past has now become available.

DomainHole is currently in private beta, but readers of KillerStartups can have access to the site by furnishing the code KILLER when prompted.

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More – Check The Availability Of Domain Names

  • April 30, 2011

NameCheckr.comPay this site a visit if you are thinking about launching a startup anytime soon. On you will be able to do the first thing that should be done in such cases, which is figuring out which name to pick for it.

That is something this website simplifies to no end, since you are enabled to check the availability of both .com and .net domains as well as the availability of any username on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Delicious.

This is done merely by furnishing the name you have in mind. An expansive search process will then be carried out – all the sites that were mentioned above and a myriad more will be checked for you. And you will get to see the full results of the search process at once. Not on the same page (for the mere reason that lots and lots of services are searched through), but by scrolling up and down the page you will be able to have everything analyzed.

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More – Names For Sites

  • April 19, 2011

LetsName.comLetsName is a generator of random names for websites, blogs, bands and just anything that has to be memorable. This site works by letting you specify the concept or concepts that the name has to reflect, and then providing you with lots of different suggestions. It is worth pointing out that only available domain names will be shown, and that you will be provided with a parallel tool for checking Twitter availability.

And a feature that many sites like this one sadly neglect has thankfully been taken into account here. I am talking about letting you save your search results and then have them all compared side by side later.

These are enough features to satisfy mostly anybody I could think of. The site makes it possible not just to look for names which are available in more than one context than one at once – it also lets users store the best suggestions, and have them all contrasted when the time to decide comes. And it is all for free.

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More – See Who Likes Your Posts

  • April 4, 2011

LikeAudience.comNow that Google has released its +1 system, it seems that the sharing and promotion of content on the Internet is in for a truly galloping ride. People will surely create platforms for comparing whether Facebook likes or Google +1 recommendations are more effective. Well, the resources for doing so are all out there, or surfacing slowly. Sites like this one prove it.

On Like Audience, the personality and demographics of users can be easily ascertained. All it takes is specifying the topic whose popularity you want to measure, and choosing the traits you want to explore. These can include openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, stability, agreeableness… in sum: all the personality traits that you could need to figure out how to approach your audience better. And you can use a slider for setting down how traditional or liberal the profiles of your test subjects are to be.

Like Audience is a free service, and there is no need to sign up for an account either. It is all usable on the fly.

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More – Domains With Similar Names

  • April 1, 2011

AddedDomains.comIf you ask any entrepreneur what to keep in mind when naming a startup, he will most likely mention the following three things to you, and he will quite probably mention them in this order. First, he will stress the importance of choosing a short name. Second, he will explain that the name has to be catchy. Third, the name has got to capture the essence of what the company is going to do as much as possible.

That is the ABC of naming a startup. Yet, entrepreneurs who have that little more experience will tell you to look out for something else. They will tell you to check if there are startups hosted on similar domains. And finding such a thing out is incredibly easy thanks to a service like this one.

On you can find how many startups are already there that have a domain which could lend to confusions with the one you are keen on getting. Or maybe it is the opposite – maybe having a similar domain name to the one you are willing to buy is something you could turn to your advantage. Any way or the other, this site will let you discover these similarities at once.

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More – Check If Your Site Is Available

  • March 19, 2011

AccessChecker.comNo webmaster can afford to do without a tool like Access Checker – a tool that lets him know whether his site is up and running as intended. And while I am sure most webmasters already have their preferred applications for performing such checks, I am also aware that some are always looking for alternatives. Not to mention that those who are new to the game might still have to make up their minds. Well, this review is for all of them.

Access Checker is a web tool that can be used for free, and that can look at the availability of up to 100 different sites at the same time. All that the user has to do is to furnish the URLs of the sites to be monitored, one by one. Once this list has been assembled, the results will be displayed on a dedicated webpage that updates in real time.

In other words: you will have to check this page to know whether your site (or any other) is up and running. You are not being notified when it goes down (which is what other monitoring tools do). That is sort of evened up by the large number of sites that you can have monitored. But what webmasters expect from services like this one is to be notified when things go wrong. So, I guess not that many would go for this willingly…

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More – Check The History Of Motorcycles

  • March 18, 2011

CycleVIN.comMake a point of checking this site if you live anywhere within the United States, and you are thinking about purchasing an used motorcycle. On Cycle VIN, you can request up-to-date history reports that are created with data pulled from multiple sources.

These reports cost $ 25, and you will be able to learn all there is to learn about the actual place the bike you are keen on getting comes from. You will be able to know if the bike has been involved in any kind of accident, if it has sustained significant damage in the past, if it has been stolen… In short: all the information that one needs to shop with confidence.

When performing a check, the data comes from sources such as insurance companies, salvage yards, auctions, maintenance shops and both State and Federal government agencies.

You can download a sample report on the site, and see the way in which everything looks on paper.

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More – Check Your Grammar

  • January 31, 2011

Grammarly.comWith its ability to have any text proofread and analyzed, Grammarly stands as a really interesting alternative for all those who want to become better writers. Not only can this application check grammar and punctuation on the whole, it can also detect texts that are plagiarized and perform deep stylistic analyses. Grammarly is able to tell you where you should begin focusing your attention in order to improve your writing in a reasonable amount of time.

Some of the grammar checks that Grammarly can run include looking for subject-verb agreements, faulty parallelisms, run-on sentences and comma splices… It is claimed on the site that Grammarly can carry over 150 different grammar tests, and while it is obviously impossible for me (or for anybody) to say whether that is accurate, I must say that the texts I threw at it were processed more than satisfactorily. But there is no reason for you to take my word for it – you can have texts analyzed for free, and without having to even sign up first. Just go and do.

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More – Check How Modern Your Site Is

  • January 11, 2011

How90s.comHow90s is a site that will let you realize if that designer you hired to put your site together did a great structural job or just gave you a load of old pap. How90s can run a series of tests that can determine if a site has been built relying too much on 90s elements like frames, inline formatting, marquees and tables.

Ten different elements are actually taken into account, and a numeric percentage is assigned to each of them. Once the analysis is over, a final score will be served along with a brief comment highlighting these things that should be done differently for the site to feel like it belongs in 2011, not 1991.

Other elements that are weighed up include playing music automatically, having a hit counter, and including a button for making the site become your homepage. If any of these is present, the score will suffer.

On a personal note, I must say I found this site quite illuminating. It made me think a lot on the way things were before, and how long we have come. Any person who is getting acquainted with web design should really give it a look.

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