More – Add A Chat To Your Links

  • May 14, 2011

Chattp.comSharing a link on Facebook or Twitter is all very nice and engaging, but the way in which people can interact with web content keeps on being developed and taken forward. Chattp is the newest application that has been released to shake things up, and while I think the service could benefit from a more professional design I also believe it does point the way to some exciting future developments.

In essence, what Chattp does is to let you add a chat to any link that you are sharing. Rather, the chat is added to the page whose URL you are sharing. But it is all the same – people will be able to talk with each other right on the page they are, and conversations will benefit from a much larger sense of purpose as a result.

Chattp is a service that you can come back to time and again for free – using and reusing it costs absolutely nothing. And adding a chat to what you are sharing is as simple as supplying its URL when prompted.

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