More – Mapping People On ChatRoulette

  • March 11, 2010

ChatrouletteMap.comExactly what its title suggests. is the one site that you should make a point of checking out if you are an enthusiastic user of the chat system that captured the imagination of everybody when it was first released. Whether it achieved that feat for all the wrong reasons is a different story altogether, but there is no denying that for a short time ChatRoulette was one of the hottest startups around. And people are still using the system, as amply proves.

This site lets you figure out where people who use Chatroulette are located, and show you an image for each user. This is done by looking at their IP addresses and displaying images that are captured by the ChatRouletteMap team itself.

The aim of the site is not just to let everybody have a better understanding of who is exactly where, but also to let ChatRoulette itself run more smoothly. Part of the data that is compiled by ChatRouletteMap is employed by ChatRoulette to remove these spam bots that get in the way of the fun.

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