More – Singapore Based Startup Internet Portal

  • March 16, 2009

MobTwo.comAre you looking for information about a wide variety of topics? Do you need to know more about high technology and businesses? This is a very interesting entertainment Internet Portal with that offers a wide diversity of products.

On this portal you can find what you are looking for in order to maximize your company’s performance as well as to have fun.

This site is very simple and it has a search box where you can input the name of the topic you are looking for. The system will trigger the results for you.

Through this very convenient online portal you can make partners with innovative companies to deliver high tech solutions. This site is very simple but it gives users the possibility to be a part of a Singapore based social networking site.

This website is profitable, driven by innovative business minded techno entrepreneurs, and led by opportunists. Basically, the company is driven by a world class management team that knows how to solve problems and recognize opportunities. This are just some of the reasons why you should take a look at this site.

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More – Atlanta’s Largest Nightlife Community

  • June 13, 2008 is the website of Atlanta’s Largest Nightlife Community, the place that will provide you with the best information and tips for you to enjoy the night in this awesome city.

The site is a bit slow to navigate, because it has many multimedia resources, such as animations and YouTube videos, all included in the homepage. However, if you are patient ant wait, you won’t lack information about Atlanta’s nightlife. Through the homepage you can access a long list of online services, such as recommendations, events, prices, addresses, and more. At the top of your page you can access different sections that include games, chatrooms, a live radio, and other fun stuff. The site provides it members with unlimited services, giving them the opportunity to have all the information and useful tips delivered weekly at their mailbox. Join the community within the Sign In section, and enjoy the best night features.

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More – Hottest Singles Chats Online

  • May 13, 2008

LoveComparison.comIf you are tired of visiting empty chatrooms which include no interesting content at all, then you might be interested in visiting; the site that has searched the internet and has gathered links to the best chatrooms online.

So, if you are an adult single in search of other adult singles, you should definitely stick around for a while and see what you can find. The page features a ranking of the four best and most visited chatrooms online; which are actually ranked by people like you. Each of the top chatrooms comes with a brief description for you to have an idea of what they are all about. If there is any of them that catches your attention, you just click on “chat now” and you will be instantly directed to the chatroom you chose. So, if looking for the best chatrooms online, in order to meet some new people, don´t waste any more time! Just go to the site, pick a chatroom and start chatting right now.

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More – Comprehensive Chat Solutions

  • April 11, 2008

Knocknok.comKnocknok is a chat platform intended for large-scale publishers that is more robust and organized than many of its competitors. Companies interested in using the Knocknok platform will be able to pre-populate discussion topics with each topic having its own chat room.

If you think back to the dark ages of the internet, you might remember that this type of functionality was prevalent at AOL where chat room names were pre-populated and people could jump from one to the next all from within the same environment. The key difference between AOLs chat product and Knocknok is the fact that AOLs platform was used for internal AOL chats and the technology was not distributed for external use. In the future, Knocknok will allow users to enter any chat room on their network without having to leave the original site entered.

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More – Network and Showcase for Commerce

  • October 3, 2007

FullPoster.comFull Poster is an innovative website for personal or professional advertisement profiles. Instead of devoting a site to just one kind of profile, Full Poster represents all types.

Profile, which can be rubricated accordingly to about 15 main categories and about 1000 subcategories. Every profile can be changed in all its details, included its category, whenever you want. Allowed html tags, with several limitations, and a guide to use them and shortcuts for most common tags (strong, headers, framed box). Requires some knowledge of html and css if you want to elaborate more sophisticated layouts in your profile. Currently no third part site offers pre-made codes for this purpose. Each profile includes your own descriptions, a Google map, contact data, obfuscation of email addresses against robots, printable versions of contact data and texts, comments (which can be disabled and managed), votes (which can be disabled), statistics of views and keywords from Google, scrolling photos. Colors can be all costumed.

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More – Freedom of Zpeech?

  • February 20, 2007

Zpeech.comAre you looking for information and resources about costumes? You can stop by and search for notions about costumes, crafts, and quilting. In addition, you can take a look at the information about embroidery machines and fabrics.

This website will let you browse for sewing resources, ranging from embroidery machines information, to doll patterns and costumes. On you will find tons of information for sewing lovers. You can learn how to repair your Singer machine, and find resources for sewing and quilting. Moreover, you can find information about fabric warehouses, and you can search for data regarding costumes and notions.

You can get sewing resources if you stop by Greenberg and Hammer offers many resources and information about sewing and quilting. You can also use this site to learn about sewing machines, including Singer machines. Additionally, you can search for resources and information about costumes and fabric warehouses.

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