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  • July 3, 2008 is the website of Chat 101, an online course about how to chat online.

All of us use to chat daily, using numerous programs. Chatting online is part of our daily lives and as necessary as oxygen. However, do we really know how to take advantage of all its possibilities as well as to protect ourselves of internet predators or frauds? Check Chat 101 at and evaluate your knowledge about this powerful tool. Do you know that a “chatiquette” exist? Chatiquette is a set of manners and language to be used to chat online. At, you can get all the info regarding chatting, from the basics of chat, chatspeak, abbreviations and acronyms, and using emoticons to etiquette for newbies, choosing your nickname, and what NOT to do in chat. Do you want to learn more? Information on cybersex, text formatting, and other information, is also available. Even when you already have been chatting for years, Chat 101 at may teach you some very useful tips.

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