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More – Make your own chat room

  • July 30, 2007

Chatmaker.netDo you ever feel like chatting online, but if you use MSN you get bombarded by people you don’t want to chat with, and so you just avoid it? Well, now you can make your very own exclusive, invitation-only chat room with Chatmaker. It’s quite easy: you just name the room, and presto, Chatmaker gives you a URL which you can copy and paste to send to your friends.

The chat room is created instantly and you enter it as a Guest. And then you just chat, easily. One problem is that there are no User Names, so it’s hard to know who is who. The chat room name might expire after a certain amount of time, or maybe just until someone else uses the name again. For example, when I created the room “love,” there was a leftover conversation in there from the last time it had been created.

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