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The Startup Sit Down: Alex Schiff And Chase Lee Talk Fetchnotes And Programmer Patch Kids

Alex Schiff and Chase Lee have been running around the country, sleeping on floors and accumulating some serious laundry all in the name of promoting their simple, free note-taking app Fetchnotes. After some schedule shuffling, I managed to sit down with the youngsters to talk Fetchnote beginnings, hiring weird 21-year-olds and European rave music on this session of The Start-up Sit Down.     Hey Alex and Chase, thanks for...

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The Fetchnotes Guys Who Sang For Their Startup Supper

There’s a trend happening with cloud-based applications where there is an “edit together” feature that allows you to collaborate with partners, in real-time, so you know they got your message. No, “I didn’t get the message” excuses anymore.   This is exactly what the guys over at Fetchnotes what to achieve with their Twitter-like simple, social, note-taking app.     Chad and Alex, the co-founders, even sang karaoke to...

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