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  • June 25, 2008

CharityFolks.comIf you want the chance to have a piece of Hollywood and help out others at the same time, this is the right charity for you. CharityFolks.

com is an online premier charity auction that offers you the chance to bid on some very interesting prizes not found at most auctions. If you’re interested in Hollywood, the music scene, or professional sports you’re sure to find something you want to bid on. At you’ll have the chance to win visits to the sets of popular television shows, get articles of clothing worn by famous celebrities, own autographed sports collectibles, get to go to concerts and meet your favorite bands and performers. The best part is that everyone wins. You get great prizes and the charities involved get the money they need for their cause. On the site you can find information on the charities that participate, how to bid, sign up for auction alerts, and even let the people at know what your dream auction would be.

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