More – For Players Of MMORPGs

  • September 9, 2010

MMORPGregistry.comSome people loathe them and call them the true root of behavioral issues, others can’t get enough of them. The fact is that MMORPGs have changed the way in which games are played for good.

The experience is more immersive, and the actual situations that players face are notably more organic.

As I think I have said before, my gaming days ended when the Commodore Amiga bit the dust. I have watched the phenomenon of MMORPGs more from the sidelines than anything else. But being a (very avid) exgamer I do get to understand immediately how engrossing these titles can be.

And it is entirely obvious that a service such as MMORPG Registry is going to gain adepts and followers very easily. It will let anybody keep track of all his MMORPG characters in a clear list showcasing each character’s game, level and server.

Also, you can store your passwords and usernames. This is all the more useful because sometimes people who play MMORPGs take long breaks as they become immersed in new titles. In this way, they will avoid the horror of forgetting how to gain access to a game they had gotten very far on because a lot of time has elapsed.

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More – Formatting Text Made An Easy Task

  • February 5, 2010

GoFormat.comGoFormat is a site that will greatly appeal to writers, bloggers and students in general. It will provide them with the ability to manipulate texts on the web, using a simple interface and without needing to sign up at all.

The text format functionalities that are featured include edition, manipulation, and conversion. You have buttons like “Capitalize Sentences”, “Capitalize All Words”, “Uppercase All” and “Lowercase All”. Additionally, you can choose to have particular phrases replaced with another instances of text.

It is also good to have an option to remove all spaces and individual signs such as “@”, “!“ and “?”. Granted, all of these are small niggles when you are writing, but if you start adding them one by one you will discover they take up not just time but they can also unleash frustration. That is why this site is extremely useful for people who create original content. And the fact you don’t even have to sign up and that it runs on any browser (including iPhones) just makes it even better.

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More – Animated Characters For Your Site

  • November 30, 2009

SitePal.comHaving an animated character in your website that gives users the chance to learn about it is a cool idea, and one that has been adopted by many companies already. SitePal is an interesting service that was developed to fulfill the aims both of demanding corporations and small businesses and individual consumers that want to present their services in an innovative way.

SitePal can be defined as an effective speaking avatar solution that gives all these businesses the possibility to improve their web presence in addition to their business results by the use of virtual speaking characters.

This obviously gives visitors a warmer first impression when they come across your site, and that might make a difference in the long run. In the end, anything that makes a site more approachable is interesting in itself.

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More – Find & Buy The Costume You Want

  • October 13, 2009

CostumeCraze.comThis is the website of a company that was created to sell monk robes online and evolved in something bigger than that. In case you want to buy a Halloween costume or any other accessory you usually use for these occasions, will be a good destination for you to visit.

On this online resource you will not only find a variety of original monk robes, but you will also be able to have access to a wide range of costume categories where you can search for the character, model, and size you want. With the time has become in one of the world’s largest online costume retailers.

This online store is pretty explicative and can be used in an uncomplicated way because it was designed to provide users with anything they need in order to make a fast and accurate search. Therefore, if you need to find convenient prices and quality products, it would be a good idea if you think about as a valuable option to take into consideration.

Among the different Halloween Costumes available on this site you will find Movie and TV Show Characters, as well as Cartoons and Superhero costumes, in addition to Famous People, Animal, or just Funny costumes. In case you are looking for attractive costumes for kids, this is going to be a good site for you to find them too. As a service this site offers diversity, utility and convenient prices and you can learn more about it at

Some Other Halloween Costume Stores You Might Be Interested In:

Shop the best costumes here!

11,000 Costumes Delivered

Frank Bee Costume Center…Your number one costume speciality store.

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More – Create Any Face You Want

  • August 10, 2009

PimpTheFace.comPimpTheFace is a new web-hosted service that will let you draw any face you want, for any purpose whatsoever. Whether you want to humor your brother-in-law or discover what would Elton John have looked like with Joe Strummer’s mohawk, this is bound to do the trick.

And it also lends itself to more serious uses. For instance, you can employ it to draw the face of any criminal you have had the misfortune of seeing in action, and helping the police forces that way.

The editing tool is quite flexible and straightforward. A lot of elements are already available if you don’t want to start from scratch, and brows can be chosen along with chins and hairdos. You can twiddle with aspects like the opacity and the scaling, too. And a background can be implemented for added effect.

As it was only to be expected, the results can be shared both on your blog and on social sites such as Facebook. A provided rating system will let you see how popular your creation becomes, whereas a section named “comments” will let you interact with those who have voted.

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More – Chinese Characters

  • March 20, 2009

www.ArchChinese.comOn this website you will get all the information you need in order to animate stroke order for ALL the Chinese characters. These characters are defined in the national standard character set of mainland China.

The site includes the 7,000 most frequently-used characters in the traditional Chinese character set.

Learning Chinese is not an easy task, and you are going to need some help in order to be able to use all the Chinese language characters in a correct way. This is a very interesting and powerful tool that has been developed with the intention to offer flexible Chinese-English two-way search capabilities. This is the only site on the internet that gives you the possibility to generate Chinese handwriting worksheets with stroke sequences, Pinyin and English definitions.

You will be able to find Chinese characters in a very easy way as well as to search by character components, along with flexible sorting and grouping functionality. The world is changing fast and learning Chinese seems to be a convenient thing. This is a very useful tool for you to do that.

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More – Experience The Magic

  • July 15, 2008

Disneychannel-asia.comThis is the online portal for the Asian version of the Disney Channel website. Through this site visitors can access every single feature related to this worldwide famous TV channel, including shows, movies, games, and much more.

This website is ideal for children, since it has a very animated and colorful interface and plenty of interactive features. At the homepage you will find the most popular Disney characters, including Jake’s Inferno, Kitchen Commotion, and High School Musical. There you will find many options you can select from the animated index of links; visitors can subscribe the Disney Channel, participate in contests, and register for free to be a member. Besides, you can also check what’s on the channel right now, and watch some video features online. The whole list of specific sections available is placed at the top of your screen; there you will find a TV guide, online games, and interesting, free downloadable files.

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More – Character Education Resources

  • May 28, 2008

Goodcharacter.comCharacter education is a term for a form of education that is used to develop the social and personal skills of children. It usually covers such subjects as moral reasoning, life skills, health education, freedom, equality, respect and other social skills that should be learned at a young age.

If you are an educator who has been entrusted with teaching a group of children under the subject heading of character education, then you might consider taking a look on the internet for some resources that can help. One web site that you might consider looking at is called This excellent web site is full of useful free resources, materials and lesson plans that can be used to help you develop the characters of the young minds you are responsible for. There web site is well designed and the menu system simply and quickly guides its visitors to all the resources that are available.

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More – Download Fonts for Free

  • May 15, 2008

SearchFreeFonts.comIf you want to have more font choices to compliment your designs or simply want to add a little flare to your papers or e-mails you should check out the fonts that has to offer.

All of the fonts on the site are downloadable free of charge so you can add to your font collection as much as you want. The site allows you to preview any of the free fonts offered. You can look at the character grid with a new zoom feature or type in your custom text. You can also read comments posted by other users on each of the fonts and even post one yourself. Registration is free and has some perks. Registered users can add fonts to their “favorites” folder and download them all at once, and if you’re going to change your computer you can simply store all the fonts you like and have them stored there for you until you download them onto the new set. The fonts are organized by category for easy navigation and searching so you’ll have no problem finding exactly what you want.

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More – The Movie’s Site

  • May 13, 2008“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” is the beginning line of Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy’s probably best known novel, and the founding statement of “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”, a comedy released early this year featuring Martin Jenkins as a successful Hollywood presenter with a wacky family –not unhappy, really, but plain eccentric. By visiting this site, users will be able to take a look at the trailer, meet the characters (and the actors), watch selected scenes from the movie and enjoy a variety of multimedia games and quizzes; you can also download official content to use as buddy icons or as wallpapers, or buy the soundtrack in CD format or by downloading it from Amazon, though no news on the DVD.

Since the movie is no longer being shown in theatres, you can use the link on the homepage to read reviews on some of the most relevant movie critique sites around. is fully animated and is really cool to take a look at, but the fact that each link you click opens a new window is just unnerving.

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More – PBS For Kids

  • May 6, 2008

Pbskids.orgOn you will find everything on shows aimed at children featured on the PBS Network.

The site is highly interactive and should provide fun for children of all ages. Each show has a section dedicated to it. On each section, you will find information on the show’s characters, online games, and downloadable content that will provide entertainment for fans of the show. The information on each show’s character is great for those who want to know more about their favorite show’s characters. The biographies are complete and add to the fantasy world setting of each show. For parents and teachers looking to use the shows on the network to teach their children, there are many online resources to do so. Everyone knows that if kids are having fun, they will learn more. So whether you are a kid looking for more information on your favorite show or an adult that wants to teach using these great characters, visit

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More – Roll Play Game Characters

  • April 27, 2008

Charas-project.netFor many years the roll play game existed in the real world and used the skills of its players to develop there own stories and characters. The fictional characters within these games had different skills and abilities depending on how there characters developed before and during the game.

As computer games technology developed, it was only a matter of time before the roll playing game format would find its way onto a console or computer. If you are developing your own roll playing game and are in need of some assistance with the characters and there movements then you would be well advised to check out the web site called This site not only assists developers of roll playing games with there characters, it also gives them a forum and a way of show casing there developments. The site itself is a bit messy and tricky to navigate, perseverance is the key to finding the information you are looking for here.

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More – Original Country Clipart

  • April 7, 2008

CountryClipart.comIf you are up to any graphic project and are running short on images, make some time to visit this site, where you’ll be able to find a huge collection or original clipart depicting country-related scenes and items, including animals and people as well, plus there are several galleries of holiday images, and some cultural/ethnic too. The site provides a vast catalogue of free-to-download images and projects (like writing paper, lists and personal cards), and can be used both for personal and commercial projects.

The site also sells large themed collections of clipart, but you’ll have to purchase them, with the advantage of having the images in different graphic formats (.gif, .wmf, and hi-res JGP), which will allow resizing at ease. You can get these collections in CD format, or download them from the site directly. also has creators of images, like the Family and Friends Factory, which allows to create different characters, give them different appearances, clothing, etc, much like any dress-up game.

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More – Hilarious Movie Reviews

  • March 25, 2008

Fakes.netMovie summaries, together with hotel brochures and marketing white papers, are probably the most boring thing in the world of writing: the formulas have been repeated so many times that by line three you can very accurately predict the rest. Fakes.

net does not do much to fight it, other than write really funny movie reviews, where they ruthlessly dissect the characters, pose mean remarks about the situations, and spoil the end. The site reviews every week’s releases, and post their musings for your reading pleasure, plus they issue a naked report to let you know if there is any nudity in the film –with an interest that has quite little to do with parental guidance. You can browse the latest releases, or take a look at the archive to find reviews from pictures in the last years, plus some classics as well. Take into account that the reviews are text-only and may be lengthy, so if you are not too much into reading –regardless of how funny the piece might be— you can’t say you’ve been warned.

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More – Anime Central

  • March 1, 2008

Anime-Planet.comDo you like Japanese comic strips and animations? Look no further: after you’ve given a brief look, you’ll be digging it every day, as it presents loads of news, reviews and chat on anime.

However, the most appealing feature about this site is the ‘Recommendations’ area, which presents users with a brief review and overview of newly released stripes or animations, written by the site’s staff and its users alike. Each post presents several useful quick facts, like screenshots, synthetic reasons why anyone would like the recommended anime series, screenshots and the Users Stats, that will allow you to see how many users voted, liked, watched the series, how many dropped it and other useful taste-informing data. Also interesting about this site is that you can change the default theme (featuring one set of anime characters) to meet you own anime preferences out of a list of preset layouts. You can take a look at the site without registering, though becoming a member has several perks, the first and most important is to be able to enter contests to get free merchandise and stuff, but also to be able to mark your favorites, make recommendations, keep track of the anime you’ve watched, plus enjoy a great feature that allows you to see “My Life Spent on Anime”, that is a statistic chart presenting how much stuff you watch regularly, how much you watched once, what you dropped, and other similar information that will allow you to gain a deeper perspective of your behavior as an anime fan.

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