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  • March 2, 2008

Keyetv.comIf you are planning to take a visit to Austin, Texas then you should visit this site first. At the site you will be able to find all the information about this city such as entertaiment and lifestyle among others.

This site counts with a great organization and all the information that they provide is divided into categories according to the type of info they offer. The categories that are featured at the site are: news, weather, sports, entertainment, your money, medical watch, traffic, videos, news team, blogs, slideshows, water cooler, morning news, most viewed stories, top stories and polls. If you want to read the latest news about politics in the US and worldwide you will be able to read them here. At the sports section you will be able to find current news about texas sport teams, such as dates for games, games results, interviews to players and many other related issues. It is great to have an online source to news if case you are abroad and can’t get access to the printed newspaper or if you just don’t feel like going outside of your home.

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