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Brazil, Babies And The Startup That Will Nurture Them Both

Brazil isn’t necessarily a place you think of as a tech startup mecca. After all, nine years ago, only 8 percent of the population of Brazil used the Internet. But, things are changing, hockey stick growth is happening and Brazilian babies are, well, in serious need of an eCommerce site where their parents can find all their baby goods. Thank the Rio heavens for, a startup that will help do just that. And, investors think...

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When Life Gives You A Lemon App, Make $8 Million Lemonade

So, I had a lemonade stand when I was like 10, and I think I made about $20 (sympathy money from the neighbors–the lemonade was crap). But, if only I had the foresight to realize I could turn those lemons into a virtual wallet app for my mobile phone device, I would be $8 million richer. Granted, 1995 wasn’t packing a lot of smartphone app heat.   Now, of course, startups and apps are blowing up the tech scene, and million...

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