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5 Pieces Of Entrepreneurial Advice For College Grads

I couldn’t get a job to save my life. Here I was, with an expensive degree in my hand from the best “J-School” in the country and solid work experience behind me, but no one seemed to care. It probably didn’t help my cause that unlike many of my classmates who left NYC to accept jobs in smaller markets, I chose to stay and brave NYC and an extremely competitive job market with seasoned journalists. Again, nothing happened. Here’s what I didn’t do: panic.

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Catch A Fire is a noble resource that matches skilled people who are willing to work for free with these charities that could use their help. Consequently, the main page of the site features a list of nonprofits and organizations that are in need of professional assistance for aspiring volunteers to learn more. In each and every case, the featured projects have been structured in a way that makes it possible for professionals to...

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