More – Looney Tunes Pictures And Sounds

  • July 7, 2008

Nonstick.comIf you wish you were still a child only to be able to watch the cartoons all day long, you may find this site interesting. At nonstick.

com you will find lots of Warner Bros animation info, as well as pictures and sounds. Furthermore, there is a section containing the table of contents. This latter includes: cartoon database, laser disk information, character list, academy award winning cartoons, interviews and media clips, etc. If you would like to see all the characters of your favourite cartoons, check out their database; there you will search for Bugs Bunny, Chester, Cookie, Cool Cat, Duffy Duck, Groopy Geer, Ralph Phillips, etc. If you’d also like to give a glance to the characters you used to admire when you were a child, check out the Looney Tunes gallery available on the site. In addition, there is a sound archive as well as a Looney Tunes sound source.

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More – Funny Stuff

  • July 1, 2008

Funnypop.comIf you are looking for funny stuff over the internet in order to have a good laugh, this site is exactly what you need. Funnypop.

com is a website entirely devoted to humor and fun where you can find hundreds of funny resources. Here you can find birthday cards, funny e-cards, funny cartoons, and funny pictures, among others. The entire content of the site is free and it’s sorted into all those categories. Here you can browse trough all of them, all displaying how many times it was seen and rates by other users; of course, you can also rate them. In order to receive daily jokes and funny pictures in your inbox, here you can subscribe to their free email newsletter. In addition to this, here you can find links to related websites. Finally, in case you wish to make a submission or a comment, here you can find all their contact details.

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More – Hilarious Cartoons Archive

  • June 16, 2008

Cartoons4fun.comDo you need some fun? Are you bored of chatting and checking your email box? Do you think you have navigated the whole web and there is nothing else to see? If you are in need of some fun and humor, check out

In the site you will find all kind of hilarious pictures, videos, and much more. In the home page you will find the latest additions for you to check out and laugh out loud. There is the Very Cool Stuff section. Take a look at some of the links and share them with your friends. There you will find funny movies cartoons, beautiful girls and cars, funny forwards, and more. Visit the funny pages that recommends and never get bored. It seems like the site is willing to provide you with nothing else but fun. You can subscribe to the mailing list and get the cartoons in your email for free. For more funny stuff, check out

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More – Fun Cartoons

  • June 6, 2008

StarzBunniesTheater.comThis web site provides entertainment, shopping and news related to these Starz Bunnies cartoons. It contains plenty of videos that are sorted out by many different categories including new releases, top picks, action, adventure, award winners, classic, comedy and many others that include a wide range of these cartoons.

You will find plenty of videos that imitate famous movies such as Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman and many others available for visitors to view. It also contains a section where you will find plenty of news related to this topic, that offer interesting announcements, awards and other updated information. You will also find all the information there is to know about these bunnies and Jennifer Shiman, the woman who creates them. This site also presents some questions posted by viewers that are together to their corresponding answers. Here you will find out more about these cartoons, and the meaning they have. You will also find a section that offers many different products including shirts, bags and mugs with logos related to these bunnies, that you can order online.

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More – Improve Your Drawing Skills

  • June 2, 2008

AllAboutDrawings.comHave your drawing skills not improved since kindergarten? Is your most complex drawing a stick figure? If you’ve wanted to improve your drawings but just didn’t know how or even where to look for help, is the place for you.

The key to anything, including drawing, is practice and the best way to do this (at least in drawing) is to copy what someone else has done until you acquire the confidence and technique to be able to do something on your own. This website is full of simple pencil drawings that will help you get started. You’ll find that after a while you’ll have improved a great deal. The site also has many tips and tricks that will help you create interesting artwork. You can learn about techniques that will turn you into a true artist. No matter what you’d like to draw, whether it be animals, flowers, cartoons, or fantasy landscapes, this site has a ton of images to look at, imitate, and put your own spin on. The more you practice, the better you’ll be, so take a look at what’s on the site, grab your paper and pencil and start drawing.

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More – Free Movies and Documentaries

  • May 29, 2008

MoviesFoundOnline.comIf you enjoy watching movies, video clips, stock footage or anything else that you can get your hands on this site is just the right thing for you. The site features content found on the internet that will entertain, shock and inform you.

The videos found on the site are embedded from Google Video, You Tube, or other similar sites. You will find all sorts of movies, documentaries, music videos, cartoons, TV shows, instructional films, and some totally random stuff. All of the clips found on the site are completely free of charge and are there merely to keep you entertained. Everything featured on the site is in public domain or available for some unknown reason. Most of the old movies that appear are in fact in public domain and therefore available for anyone to watch for free. The newer ones may not be so it’s possible that they could disappear at any time. The site also has inks to other sites where you can purchase DVDs, posters and other movie related goods.

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More – Modern Conservatism Journal

  • May 27, 2008

Enterstageright.comOver at you will find information and news related to the world of conservative politics.

On the site, you will be able to read the latest news from the Republican Party. This is great for any American conservative to know what is going on with their party and who some of the upcoming candidates are. The Editorial section has great editorial reviews and articles that are sure to be interesting to anyone that wants to know more about the United States’ political landscape. The Cartoons section has witty political cartoons that depict the current political climate in America. These cartoons are very entertaining. If you like what you read, you might want to visit the site’s archive. Here, you will find great articles from the past. Check back regularly to find the latest news and political cartoons from You can also sign up to receive update notices right on your inbox.

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More – Disney Official Website

  • May 26, 2008

Disneyinternational.comJust by the name of this URL, this website doesn’t almost need any introduction. Disneyinternaional.

com is the official website of Disney, one of the largest entertainment corporations in the world. As soon as you enter this website, you are asked to select your region of the world. Once you do so, you are directed to the official Disney website of your country or region. Here you can access to tons of Disney related contents. The website features games, videos, pictures, music, and resources, of almost all Disney’s creations. Besides all your favorite old characters, here you can have a sneak peak into all the upcoming movies and new creations. Also, the website features an online store where you can buy all sorts of related products like DVDs, CDs, T-Shirts, games, and memorabilia. Finally, you can subscribe to their free email newsletter and buy tickets for all the Disney’s live events.

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More – Anime Blog

  • May 22, 2008

Japanator.comAll of you Anime lover out there are going to love this website. Japanator.

com is a website entirely devoted to Anime, where you can find lots of information, pictures, and wallpapers. The website is displayed as a blog, where all the latest news from the Anime world are displayed. Of course, each one the news can be commented, and some display images and videos. The website has different sections including Anime (of course), but also manga, cosplay, television, toys, music, games, fan art, otaku culture, and more. The website also features some online games, wallpapers, and podcasts, as well as forums where the whole anime lover community can gather to discuss different related topics. To get an idea of how popular the website is, since it was launched in 2006, it got almost 3 million visitors. Finally, of you want to contribute with the creator of the site, his contact info is posted here.

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LillyArts.Com – Cartoons And Animals Online

  • May 22, 2008

LillyArts.ComLillyArts.Com strives to be a fun uplifting websites filled with cute cartoon animals eager to inspire joy and silly delight its visitors.

It offers a lot of features. Lilly loves to create cute and witty, yet charming and sophisticated cartoon creatures. Some of them are Cartoon Drawings of Animals, Cartoon Animals on Land where you will find cartoon drawings of animals that live on land, Cartoon Sea Creatures under Water, Flying Cartoons in the Sky where you will find cartoon drawings of animals flying, Cartoon Animals to think-feel-by-beyond where you will fin fun cartoon inspiration. At the Artwork Watercolor paintings you will find dolphin art, daffodils, horse, koala, Hawaii landscape, and more. At the Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games and E-Cards are 32 free jigsaw puzzles to play without downloading as online games. You can either play and solve or send to a friend as puzzles greeting e-cards. You can also access to Free Art Clips to download and Personalized gift ideas. LillyArts.Com

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CartoonBrew.Com – Cartoons For All Ages

  • May 21, 2008

CartoonBrew.ComWho said cartoons were only for children? Now, older people can have their own space on the internet to share ideas and information about cartoons, and not feel embarrassed about it. Cartoon Brew is the leader of the animation conversation.

You can look for all the material by browsing its many categories located at the right hand side of all pages. These categories are Advertising, Animators, Anime, Books, BrewFilms, Cartoon Culture, CGI, Classic, Comics, Disney, Events, Feature Film, Ideas/Commentary, Illustration, Internet/Blogs, Music Videos, Old Brew, Shorts, Site News, and TV. You can also search by archives. At this website you will find reviews and comments about hundreds of different cartoons and cartoons’ designers. If you want you can post your comment too. You can also submit news and advertise on this website. At the news section you can read about the latest news on cartoons, and cartoons merchandising. So feel free of visit and be a part of this community. CartoonBrew.Com

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More – A Great Blogsite For The Irish

  • May 21, 2008 is a site for bloggers, and operates out of Cork, in Ireland.

It’s run by Frank Prendergast who enjoys sharing his thoughts, opinions and YouTube videos with visitors to the site. It functions as a creative outlet for several contributors who not only write sketches and reviews, but also air their views on just about every subject under the sun. provides all kinds of information about culture the arts and news items of particular interest. There are lots of categories to browse through, including Current Affairs, Design, Film and TV, Literature, Music and Sports. There are cartoons and jokes, not to mention other unusual categories like the Indefinable Craziness section with a video showing flying penguins, in case you missed it when it first came out. There’s the Secret Page and Author’s Page, which are password-protected areas. You can post your own comments on the stories you read, and check out the photos that have been uploaded.

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More – One Cartoon At A Time

  • May 15, 2008

Aperfectworld.orgIn this site you can find many funny cartoons to read, look at, and have a good time laughing at them. You can look in the Archives section of the site where you will find a list of years.

If you select on a year then you will find a list of numbers, by selecting one of these numbers you will open the cartoon. Some of the cartoons are black and white, others have colors, either way you can go through the list and have fun with them. In the Clip Art section you can find many Clip Art and the instructions to download them. To search for the one that you prefer you can look in the different categories such as Academic, Animals, Buildings, Business, Crazy, Cartoons, Food, Healthcare, Gestures, Industry, Metaphors, Family and Communications among many others. If you would like to look at the 1971 Sears Catalogue then you can find it in this site. You can look at all of the 16 pages and see what they were offering at that time. You can also find the 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Library and many other fun and interesting thins to look at.

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More – Cartoons, Comics And More

  • May 13, 2008

Amptoons.comThis is a website to visit to have a little bit of fun while working in the office, with friends, or even when you are bored at home. The site was created Barry Deutsch, a cartoonist living in Portland, Oregon and it contains a guide to some of his online comics.

First you have his comic book Hereville, recently restarted and updating with a new page every Wednesday. Then you have his blog; have fun, share ideas and opinions, especially about “identity politics” issues. You also have his political comic strip, Ampersand, which is updated once every two months. If this is the first time you visit this site, and you have never read t, you should check it out! You can find the previous ones in the archives. Other comics are available as well. Check the archive to read past comics. Are you a beginner cartoonist? In that case you may find quite useful the Guide to Making Comics.

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More – Pazsaz Entertainment Network

  • May 12, 2008

Pazsaz.comThe Pazsaz website is devoted to the world of entertainment as a whole. This includes TV shows, cartoons, and movies.

The site is divided in the following pages: news, awards, books, cartoon, and comics. Likewise, there are pages which cover DVDs, films, games, music, and TV. A news archive can also be perused for browsing convenience. All the information on both current and past TV shows can be found on this site. Likewise, there is a “Hip TV shows” page which chronicles all the shows that have left an indelible mark on culture, and are discussed by fans to this day. This section is arranged as an index that can be browsed, and it includes shows such as Magnum, the A-Team, and the X Files. Current hip shows are also included. On the other hand, cartoon lovers will also have a good time at this site, as there is coverage on both cartoon shows and anime shows. Discussions can be joined online, and there are links to pages such as Amazon and that make for instant shopping.

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More – Cartoon Licensing And Service Company

  • May 12, 2008

Etoon.comIf you are looking for cartoons, cartoon pictures, custom printed cards, ecards, cell phone wallpapers, or screensavers, has the right solution for you.

It has a searchable database of top-quality gag cartoons and illustrations by some of the world’s best cartoonists. If you don find what you are looking for at this website you can let them know and their cartoonists will create it for you. You can make a cartoon search, add the cartoons you like to your basket, make a payment and instantly download. They have made the process as easy and convenient as possible. You can browse the website by its different categories. The categories are Cartoons, Stock Images, Greeting Cards, Ecards, Cell Phones, T-shirt store, and Custom Work. There are some quick search links such as business cartoons, family cartoons, computer cartoons, pet cartoons, medical cartoons, safety cartoons, fitness cartoons, political cartoons, and browse all cartoons.

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More – Cartoon Network Universe

  • May 9, 2008

Fusionfall.comIf you like online games, cartoons, and anime, then this website has everything you are looking for. Fusionfall.

com features a series of original cartoon characters with an esthetic similar to the anime cartoons. They are set on an imaginary universe where an unstoppable force has traveled the whole galaxy destroying and consuming countless planets. The next planet on their way is none other than the Earth. With this scenery the website features a MMORPG game. What is MMORPG? Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game. This online game features a mix of all the action of a 3D console platform game with all the customization and character development of a RPG. Though the game hasn’t started yet, on this website you can learn everything about it, their universe, and the characters. You can also watch previews of the game and its original trailer and already sign up and create your own character.

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More – Funny Jokes And Cartoons

  • May 8, 2008 was created to promote a cartoonist specialized in newspaper cartoons. Through the site you can take a look at his newspaper cartoons and you can learn how to buy newspaper cartoons, as well. If you want to be a cartoonist, the site lets you browse for funny cartoons that you can use to learn how to draw a cartoon.

Are you a newspaper editor? If that is so, and you want to add cartoons to your newspaper, you can visit the site to find funny newspaper cartoons. Also, many newspaper publishers stop by to search for funny newspaper cartoons and comic strips with just a click.

Additionally, those who are looking for funny comic strips stop by the site to buy comic strips online. To sum up, if you are looking for funny newspaper cartoons and you want to buy comic strips, you will find a good site to visit.

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More – Link to All Free Stuff

  • May 7, 2008

Tech-sol.netSo you have been searching for a place where you could get all the free stuff you want, so you have been seeking for a site like this because you want to learn about where to find freebies. Well, if that´s the case then you must take a few minutes of your day and pay a visit to this great site because here at Tech-sol.

net you will find everything you are looking for. So get online today, what are you waiting for? Do it now and check out this great site so you will see what we are talking about. Just get in and browse along the categories until you find what you seek. Just get online today and start learning all there is to know about this matter. Seek no more for any other bogus site and check out today. Just get online today and you will see that you won´t be disappointed.

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More – Super Hero Merchandise

  • May 5, 2008 offers a wide selection of Super Hero related merchandise.

The site specializes mainly in T-shirts but also features other items such as caps and hats, magnets, keychains, lunchboxes, posters, mugs and glasses, stickers, patches and more. If you’re into comic books and want merchandise of your favourite super hero then this is the place to go. Items featuring comic book characters from Marvel and DC Comics, as well as characters from TV shows can be found on this website. No matter what super hero or cartoon character you like best, you’ll be sure to find something here. The selection of T-shirts is astounding, carrying a wide variety of items that feature characters like Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Flash, Hulk, Daredevil, and many more. Top selling T-shirts, discontinued prints, and rare designs can be found here and if a collector can’t find what they’re looking for, they can call or send an e-mail to request it.

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