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Wanna Make Owning A Car A Little Better? Get RideConnect!

Wanna Make Owning A Car A Little Better? Get RideConnect!

Owning a car can be a PIA – but with RideConnect, it’s so much better.

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Zebigo is a new carpooling service that hopes to become a true alternative to platforms like Ridaroo and RideSpring by broadening the contexts in which people can share rides, and also by letting users arrange everything when time is at a premium. This carpooling service can be used by people who have to drive just anywhere – unlike many other carpooling services, its uses go well beyond mere commuting. People who are attending...

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Offering a carpooling service for taxis in the city of Chicago, this is a free application that users of Android devices can proceed to download straightaway. In true carpooling fashion, it will let them share their taxi rides with people who are going in their same direction, and split the fare. The app is really easy to use – not that something like this could be overly-complicated, really. All the person has to do is to tell...

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We can define Ridaroo is a web-based application that allows University students and employees to form (and manage) carpools with their classmates and coworkers. Such a thing is done privately within each University or organization, and separate instances ensure the safety of the students and coworkers in question. Those who sign up for this service become findable by the relevant people only (IE, someone on the opposite end of the...

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Zimride is a provider of online social rideshare services. Using it you can find a carpooling match anywhere within the territory of the US. The platform combines social networking elements with Google Maps technology and a ride matching algorithm that has been developed by the company. An account can be created for free, and a search tool will let you find a ride for any purpose – regular commutes and one-time trips are fully...

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