More – Having Fun With Pictures

  • September 23, 2009

FunFacer.comFunFacer is one of these popular sites that let you create a photo mashup. In this specific case, by using it you can create your own funny images by uploading a picture, doing the necessary adjustments and choosing in which picture you want your face to be plastered, and where.

The edition process is entirely carried out online, and you can check out a preview at all times. You can add hair, lips… whatever you want for effect. Once the finished picture is ready you can proceed to save it and show it to your friends, or to the hapless soul you caricaturized.

Right now, featured pictures include Bodybuilder, Soccer Player, Basketball Player, Lion Man, Cheerleader, and the lethal “Drunk Man”. I know many that will shudder at the latter.

The site is still in beta, but it is already fully usable. Future revisions will bring about customizable flash games, animations and e-cards. If you liked the way the site stands and functions now, chances are you will like these as well when they materialize.

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More – Design and Illustration

  • June 9, 2008

ImaginismStudios.comImaginism Studios is made up of independent artist that specialize in design and illustration. This studio works mainly in publishing, and television and movie re-production.

Imaginism Studio produces all sorts of illustrations, designs and concepts that have won them several awards over the years. The site showcases some of the work that the studio has produced. The site also features a store where you can purchase books and prints of the studio’s work and also has free stuff that you can download. If you would like to improve your drawing skills you can take online classes that the artists offer. The classes teach techniques and philosophies, providing step by step instructions on how to modify images, create story boards, design characters, and more. You’ll learn from your favorite artists and make your own art pop. The site also features a blog where the artists share their thoughts and experience and give you some sneak-peeks of their upcoming work. If you enjoy drawing or simply like great art, you’re sure to appreciate the work that this unique studio produces.

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More – Online Caricatures

  • March 16, 2008

Iconizeme.comWere you a fan of the caricature portraits that artists would draw of you at fairs as a kid? With Iconizeme, you can get the picture without returning to the fairgrounds of your past- in fact, without leaving your house. Users email iconizeme a photo of themselves, and artists complete the portrait in 30-90 minutes (although, due to backorders, the portrait is usually delivered in a few weeks).

The website currently employs three very different artists; styles range from simplified, cartoon-like renderings to lifelike, vector-style works, to bold, flirty art. The final work is delivered in a PDF file, an icon file, a high resolution JPEG, and a GIF file.

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More – Personalize Your Blog

  • July 30, 2007

Myme.comThis website is aimed to let users create visual identity for their blog, MSN, Yahoo, Flickr, Skype and Xanga profile and many more. The site also offers users the possibility to transform a picture into a cool and unique caricature by paying some money.

To get your own caricature you can select from three different types, you can get the caricature of you head, of the entire body or of the body with accessories, each one has different prices. It is very simple to start using this service; first you have to create your free MyMe account, then choose your gender and select your MyMe and finally, copy and paste into your blog or into your instant message profile.

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