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  • August 11, 2011

CareerNotify.comFacebook is much, much more than a place where you make new friend and relive old memories with those you’ve known all your life. The way things have turned out, Facebook is as much as a professional network as LinkedIn. And I know quite a good handful of people who will tell you that Facebook plays a larger role on the landing of new jobs than LinkedIn itself. That’s all a matter of perspective, but the fact remains that nowadays no sensible person would turn his back on Facebook when he is looking for employment. Thus, a service like makes perfect sense. is a service that delivers email notifications when any friend you have on Facebook gets a new job, gets a promotion or resigns from his position altogether. In this way, you’ll be able to bid your time perfectly, and know when to make a move for that position you have always been interested in the minute it has become available. If you have the right qualifications, chances are you will end up getting the job – the only other thing you need to get a job besides being fully qualified to do it is approaching the employer at the right time.

And if you like this service, you might as well give Identified a look. That is a service for managing exactly what kind of information prospective employers see when they look you up on Facebook.

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