More – Creating Online Cards In A Very Easy Way

  • August 25, 2009

CardXC.comIs you profile page lacking a certain something that would exactly convey who you are both personally and professionally? If you believe that is indeed the case and wish to do something and have a more representative calling card to go with, then this site is something you are likely to get the best out of.

In principle, through CardXC you can create a sort of card that can be viewed and printed by absolutely everybody who stumbles upon it.

And in addition to being viewed and printed, the card can be saved in the form of a vcard that can be easily put about. In practice, it means that if the person who came across your card thought of someone else that could use your services he will be able to make the connection without even batting an eyelid. This feature is all the more important since the slightest complication could very well meant the person is not bothering sending the card to his friend. It is good, then, to see that even small aspects like that one have been dealt with.

Creating a card couldn’t be easier – you can browse the available gallery, check out the tutorial and also try the business card generator before signing up (you won’t be able to save the results until you do so, though). Accounts come at no cost, and just by supplying your e-mail and picking a username you are ready to take advantage of the full benefits of the site.

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