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  • March 17, 2008

Solsuite.comAre you another card addict? Do you enjoy a quiet game of solitaire from time to time? Or do you have a bit of free time on your hands? Are you sat in a quiet office staring at your monitor wishing you had a little entertainment in front of you? Look no further than

This award winning website offers you the opportunity to play four hundred and eighty different games of solitaire. If you can think of a solitaire game, then it is probably here, before you know it you will be captivated by old favorite games and new and interesting variations you have never heard of. not only offers you the games such as Spider, Klondike and Pyramid, but detailed statistics highlighting your level or expertise, games won and lost, high scores and your average rating within the site. Take a little time to look at this site and before you know it you will be hooked.

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