More – Physical Greeting Cards On The WWW

  • August 17, 2009

CardSauce.comWe can define CardSauce as an online hub for physical greeting cards. That is, users can count on this online resource for uploading their original greeting card designs, and advertise them effortlessly.

In this way, others can browse them and purchase any design they like on the spot.

These greeting cards are known as “sauces”, hence the name of the site. These sauces can be easily looked up using the provided search functionality. Moreover, contests are run on the site frequently as a way of spicing the interest of users and also fostering community spirit.

The main idea is to let anybody find what he wants (IE, the right card for the right event) without having to rush out in a hurry because – people being people – we often tend to leave these things for last, and then we have to do it all in a hurry. And those who are talented designers looking for an outlet could not find a better platform for showcasing their talents. Also, note that membership to the site comes at no cost, so that if you want to get started simply create an account and start exploring the site on your own.

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More – Your Board Games And Cards

  • July 27, 2009

TheGameCrafter.comDo you like to play board games? In that case just take a look at this site and decide if you would be interested in this solution. This site belongs to a company called The Game Crafter.

This company gives you an exclusive and novel service by providing users with the chance to build their own table-top games in the way they think it is the most appropriate to their interests. In essence, this site gives you all the data you need to get your table-top games fully customized.

On this site you are going to find interesting details about a variety of board games, as well as card games where you can place you name. How? Well, the ones that are going to place your name on your game or cards are the professionals in charge of the company, but you can be in control of the whole process as well as the way your game is going to look. They can make it for you with art assets and text that are completely customized.

But that is not everything about the site’s services because is the right place for you to create, customize and publish your games. Forget about homemade board or cards because on this exclusive game store you will have many games waiting for you to enjoy. This is interesting, isn’t it? Visit the site at and get your game customized.

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More – Create PDF Cards For Your Business

  • July 23, 2009

FreePDFCards.comHow do you feel when you meet somebody that could help you to improve the way you make business and you want to be remembered by him/her but you do not even have a piece of paper to write your name down?

Having you own business card could be a good solution for you to make business in the future or just to be able to be in touch with others you want to be remembered by. This is an interesting site that helps you to create your own business card in a simple and straightforward way.

The system is very straightforward and it gives you the option to input your name and other data you want in order to create a preview of your personal business card. The only thing you need to do is to actually enter your name, address, telephone or cell phone number and click on the preview button. Simple and clear, you will have the chance take a look at your business card and if you are satisfied with the way it looks you just need to click on the “download” button and you will be able to have a PDF version of your personal business card.

This might be the way you will make others to remember you and the services you provide. In case you want to learn more about this site, give it a visit at the provided address.

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More – Print Your Life And Go Postal

  • June 26, 2009

PrintYourLife.comThere are many ways to show your friends how much care for them and you can do it by giving them a call, sending an email, as well as sending postcards.

This site gives you information about and application that is very simple and easy to use. will give you the chance to create and mail a physical, personalized postcard to the people you love.

In addition to your relatives or friends you can use this service for business purposes and you can send a business postcard to your associates directly from your iPhone.

The system works in a very simple way and can be used by anybody that has five minutes (in fact mush lees than that) to take a photo or select an image from your library, and follow a couple of simple steps.

After you take the picture you need to add a personalized message, and select a recipient from your address book. Simple and clear, you can give your give your friends a nice surprise with a postcard you have tailored for them. This service can be used through the U.S. Mail no matter what state you want to send your cards.

This solution works with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch but you will have to email or import the photos to the Touch before you can create a postcard due to its lack of camera. In case you want to use this solution get more informaiotn about it at

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MaleMark – Greeting Cards For Men

  • June 19, 2009

MaleMarkThere are occasions when you commit mistakes that hurt people’s feelings. You understand the way your girlfriend, wife or friend feel and you need to do something about it.

However, you will be not relieved until you realize that the best thing you can do to emend your fault is to say “I am sorry”

This site offers an attractive service for those who need to do that and do not find a convincing way to do it. allows men to say I am sorry to their significant others like a man. How? The company fully understands the fact that humans are not perfect and that men make mistake. That is one of the main reasons why has created a service that offers greeting cards exclusively designed from a masculine perspective. This is an online resource that really celebrates being a man.

On this site you will find a wide variety of greeting cards that are authentically exclusive in addition to other cards that can be described as hilarious. This site was created with the intention to help men to fix some of their most stupid mistakes with truly effective cards that can be used to improve their relationships.

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More – Cards on Tap

  • June 18, 2009

PigSpigot.comPigSpigot is an online resource with user-generated content that specializes in creating greeting cards. The company has an increasing amount of designs that allow users to contribute with edgy cards. In this way many people will have the chance to get their own designs published and their friends will receive personalized card easily.

In case you want to get information about a site that gives you a wide assortment of options when it comes to offering all senses of humor, PigSpigot should be a place to stop by.

Among the many features you will find on this website is the chance to rate and share greeting cards with other people, as well as to participate in their creative process by submitting your own designs.

This seems to be an interesting solution that will give you a service that was developed to be a good mix between the traditional greeting cards system and the latest of the online socialmedia.

Do you want to learn more about this site? In that case, you should give it a visit now and start navigating through it. It will be simple and fast and you will not regret it.

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More – Improve Your Vocabulary

  • April 6, 2009

Vocaber.comVocabulary is something that not everyone can learn fast. While some of us are quick when it comes to numbers, we have a hard time learning new words and their respective meanings.

If you have the same problem as I, then you should check out right away. With the site, you’ll be able to learn new words using very innovative “smart” flash cards. Why are these flashcards smart? Because they are repeated at a certain frequency, which will allow you to transfer words from your short term memory into your long term one. What does this mean for the user? Well, you’ll find that you’ll start learning new words faster, and they’ll stay in your head for a long time, so you can use them for all types of word-related activities.

On the whole, if you are having a tough time learning new words, then you should definitely check out this site. If it doesn’t work, you’ll at least have given your mind a great workout.

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More – The Power In Your Hands

  • April 1, 2009

AccessoryGenie.comOn this site you will find information about this supplier of OEM parts. Enter and you can browse through the catalog of electronics accessories and supplies. The Accessory Genie’s catalog includes accessories for phones, digital camera batteries, smartphone batteries, and headphones, as well as headsets and computer memory cards.

Whether you are looking for HP Pavilion batteries or headphones for smart phones, this site might be of your interest. Enter to find lots of electronics parts and accessories. You will cordless phone batteries and cellphone batteries, in addition to laptop batteries and PSP batteries. What is more, you can also place an order online for headset converters and iPhone cases.

In conclusion, if you want to buy affordable electronics supplies online, remember to visit this site. has a large number of accessories, including different types of batteries, headphones, and laptop accessories, such as HP Pavilion batteries, among other products.

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More – Learning For Lazy People

  • February 15, 2009

Popling.netMost people don’t like learning. That’s why so many people’s memories about high school don’t add up to much but parties.

If you’re lazy about learning, then might be what you’ve been looking for all your life.

This useful desktop app will allow you to learn while you do other things. For example, if you’re looking to learn Spanish, just download the software and every once in a while, a popup question will test your knowledge. Do this long enough, and you’ll learn while you’re doing something else. It’s great. This should be developed with a lot more subjects, as alternative educational methods are all the rage right now. If you get into the learning method, you can click on the pop up and see the full flash card, allowing you to answer while concentrating more on the question.

There already are over 150 topics, so if you’re just getting started, try out one you already know and see how effective it is. We’re already hooked, so try it out at

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More – Unique Cards

  • January 15, 2009

WhisperingWillowsGifts.comThis site is owned by Whispering Willows, a old-fashioned and pretty gift and card shop presenting wide variety of elegant and unique designs. The site is very clear about all the products they sell and the design is very catchy.

Gifs and cards are always a good option if you are looking for an everyday present. Additionally, you can find gifts for all occasions from birthday and christening cards, to wedding, to anniversary, etc. you will be able to find an important handmade cards selection, including all the important days you cannot forget like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter.

The company also designs baby stationery and accessories, kitchenware, party pack, toiletries, etc. There is an especial service for corporate customers who wish to create special messages at any occasion. You can order now and pay with Visa, MasterCard, as well as the Paypal System. By having these varieties of styles and designs, no matter what is the occasion, this site seems to be a good option if you need to make a present.

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More – Study And Learn Effectively

  • January 8, 2009 is a website that helps users to study about no matter what topic they need to study about, by the use of different kinds of flash cards.

One interesting thing about this system is the fact that users just have to establish what they need to study, and an intelligent system will automatically schedule the times to study by adapting their programmed activities to their individual learning needs.

The study actual system consists in the use of a number of Cards, calling a collection of card with the name of Deck. These cards present a number of questions the student has to answer dramatically improving learning in that way. After the student starts the studying process the system generates a profile compound by the different deck and cards already studied.

You can get access to the proved benefits of this service simply by signing up for a free account with up to five study decks. If you want to have a totally free access to un unlimited number of decks and cards in order to maximize your private studying potential, just get a premium account by paying only $20 (USD)

Spicy Elephant uses a state-of-the-art spaced repetition learning algorithm that adapts your study schedule to your individual learning needs

The user generated study material can by reviewed directly without an account. Signing up for a free account provides access to sophisticated scheduling system with up to five study decks. A premium account can be purchased for $20 (USD) permitting unrestricted study and the capability to create private study material.

The competing products fall into two categories: heavyweight desktop applications that offer intelligent scheduling of study material, and lightweight web offerings that offer management and sharing of study material.

The advantage of Spicy Elephant is that it offers the wealth of shared user generated study material through a web interface, combined with the intelligent scheduling

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More – 3D Online Poker

  • December 5, 2008

PKR.comIf you like playing online poker, get ready for the ultimate experience. At PKR.

com not only will you get the usual online poker features, you’ll also get to play using 3D characters. You’ll feel like you’re in an actual casino, making the thrill of the game even bigger.

Not only will you be able to create your own life-like character, you’ll also be able to manipulate your characters mood and throw off your opponents, just like you would in real life. You’ll be able to join a variety of different tournaments and get the chance to make some money. You’ll get paid no matter what level you’re playing and there are bankrolls designed to suit everyone’s budget.

On the site you’ll also be able to attend poker school, so if you’ve never played before but want to give it a try, this is your chance. There are different levels of learning so no matter how proficient you are, you’ll probably be able to pick up a few tricks. In the community section you’ll find forum in which you can participate and get to know other players, take a look at the rankings, read the PKR blog, and much more.

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More – You Play, They Pay

  • November 26, 2008 started in response to a recent law Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which made it illegal to use any online betting or gambling site that you could deposit money into, effectively shutting down all such sites which existed at that time. is just one of many places on the internet where you can play online Poker with other people. What makes this site unique is that it’s actually legal. The way the site works is simple you get 100 chips to start out with for free (the money value of that is dependent on the community pot). The community pot is equal to the total revenue the site has made. You play poker like you would at any other online casino. When your balance gets high enough ($10), you have the option of cashing out for real money.

All ad money from this site goes into a community bank account. Your chip percentage determines how much of this money you have access to. Your percentage is your chip amount divided by the total chips in circulation. Any time your percentage translates into you being entitled to more than $10, you are able to cash out.

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More – Create Your Own Digital Download Cards

  • November 10, 2008

Dropcards.comWould you like to download music cards? is visited by those who are looking for smart solutions, when it comes to downloading card manufacturing and fulfillment for the entertainment industry. On the official website of Drop Cards, you can also sell your digital music, or simply promote it with download cards.

Apart from that, on this site you can also download video cards and audio cards, as well as digital book cards. Are you looking for music cards you can download online, for free? If that is so, might be an interesting site for you to visit.

Next time you are looking for a place that lets you download cards online including music cards and video cards, in addition to audio cards and digital book cards, you should give this site a try. Therefore, if you want download any of these cards for free, might be a useful site for you.

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More – Make Personalized Cards

  • November 6, 2008

Touchnote.comA Touchnote is a personalized card that you can create at the site that goes by the same name. Once you have designed it online, the company will print it and post it to you so that you can put the card to good use.

As it is explained on the site, the company aims to breathe life into the digital photography scene by bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world. It can’t be denied that receiving a card over the post is more poignant that receiving one over the web, although in both cases it is a touching gesture that goes to show great affection and support.

The process for creating such a card is described online. In principle, you upload a photograph from your computer and proceed to personalize it. After this has been dealt with, you specify the delivery options and pay for the service rendered. It is as simple as that.

When uploading a picture, you must ensure that the file is no larger than 5 MB. Likewise, bear in mind that the only supported file format is JPEG. Other than that, you can upload photos that reflect your feelings as regards events that range far and wide, from weddings and birthdays to assorted announcements and “I saw this and thought of you” pictures.

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More – Put Your Business Cards To Work

  • October 18, 2008

CloudContacts.comCloudContacts is a web service whereby your business cards are put to work. This means that instead of storing your business cards in a pile at your office you can use them to connect with your business contacts instantly.

Such an approach is possible because this system lets you import your business cards into different e-mail applications and connect on the majority of business social networks.

The advantages of a service like this are many. For instance, you can maximize your offline contacts online and increase productivity in the process. Likewise, you can improve your sales figures and conduct more effective campaigns thanks to the enhanced communication a system like this entails.

This system is implemented by shipping your business cards to the company so that they can process them. Once this has been done, you will be able to connect with your contacts online, and start networking with them on the different business social networks available.

The CloudContacts website also includes concise information on pricing and supported territories. So far, this service is available to those who live in the United States, Canada and Western Europe/UK. You can place an order by following the provided link, and payment can be handled via the web commerce company PayPal.

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More – Online Magic Trick Store

  • October 10, 2008 is an online magic trick store.

The site provides a wonderful selection of magic tricks ranging from Magic Cards, Close-Up Magic, Coin Tricks, Stage Magic, and much more. The site’s team strives hard to provide you with the best magic tricks and service that will make your shopping experience with us a delightful one. Whether you are a beginner or a well-trained magician, this online store supplies the best magic for all levels from basic through advance. The site holds two goals in mind; to provide customers with quality customer service and the best magic products at low and affordable prices. Everybody loves magic tricks from kids to adults. Whether you’re a magician yourself who likes to perform magical performances to your friends and family or an individual who enjoys a spectacular performance, this site will provide you with everything you need to make a lasting impression. Magic Tricks will catch the attention of everyone.

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More – A Special Dating Tool

  • September 29, 2008

FlirtPrints.comHow many times did you want to meet someone that you saw but were too shy to introduce yourself? This is something that has happened to us all at some point. FlirtPrints.

com was conceived to address this precise problem. The site provides you with an intelligent and interesting manner to facilitate your process of meeting people in real life. With you create and print cards with Flirt Codes (or send them by email) that you anonymously distribute to those people you are too shy to introduce yourself to. Each of these cards has a different and unique code that identifies its recipient. Secretly you ask someone to deliver a FlirtPrint card to someone you want to know and, with this code, that person will be able to read the message you left for them on the site. From this point you start talking to that person anonymously and, when you believe you have gotten the confidence you need, you can tell that person your name and profile and arrange a meeting.

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More – Greeting Cards With Voice

  • September 28, 2008

Voxcards.MyVox.comVoxCards is a site that will let you make and send greeting cards with one particularity: these will include your own voice. This is not a simple afterthought – it actually conveys a sense of connection and involvement that was formerly missing in web-based human contact, and which has now began to be addressed not only via endeavors like this one but also by the ever-developing world of social networking and its wealth of options.

The process for making such a greeting card is actually described on the site, and it is quite straightforward in itself. First, you have to choose an image from the provided drop down box. Motifs to choose from include “Birthday”, “Valentines & Love” and “Winter Holidays”. Once this has been done, you will add the relevant text. In this case, you can choose your font and its color and size. Lastly, you will record your greeting. This is accomplished by dialing up a provided number and following the instructions you will receive.

As you can see, the process is hassle-free and it is actually done in a breeze. So, if you want to show your appreciation to somebody in a more thorough way than simply sending an e-card a visit to the VoxCards website will come in quite handy.

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