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  • December 21, 2010

CardKarma.comWhat? You still have to get your Christmas e-cards together and begin sending them out? Well, that could never be a problem as long as you have a service like Card Karma around. Through this site, you can take any Flickr image or YouTube video and have it turned into a fine-looking card that can then be sent out as many times as you want, and to as many friends as you wish.

Using the site costs absolutely nothing. All that you are requested to do is pick the relevant media, type down the salutation that you want the card to bear and then save what you have created before sending it on its merry way.

Images can be added to the card both via the provided web interface, and by using the featured bookmarklet.

And just in case you need some ideas, the most recent cards that have been created are all found on the main page for you to see in which ways others are spreading their goodwill this holiday season.

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