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  • June 20, 2008 is the official website of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Network, a medical organization whose mission is to be the leading source of educational and scientific research information for cardiothoracic surgeons.

It was founded in 1999 and it serves now more than 24.000 members from all around the globe. So, here you can find all the latest news from the medical world and from the cardiothoracic surgeon’s world specifically. Also, the website features related articles and materials, all meant to allow cardiothoracic surgeons to advance on their skills and stay current with innovations in the field. In addition to this, the website features a series of related books and products, all of which can be purchased online with any major credit card. Anyway, CTSNet is a non profit organization, so all this money is used to help maintain the site. Finally, in order to stay updated members can subscribe to their free email newsletter.

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